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Are you looking to indulge in your VIP status during your next live event? Do you want to attend your next live concert, sports game / sports tournament, or theater performance in star-dazzled style? Are you looking to enjoy the experience of watching your favorite performers, artists, or team in a more serene setting, away from chaotic crowds? Are you looking to cut down on wait times, enjoy VIP access, and have a private seat attendant?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then has the perfect VIP package options for you and your next event! Meet And Greet Ticket has a wide variety of outstanding VIP ticket packages for events of all kinds, all across North America.


So what is a VIP package anyway? VIP packages from are the best way to enjoy live concerts, sporting events, and theater in complete and utter luxury. VIP packages are available for a large selection of ticket types, including tickets with or without an accompanying meet and greet experience. VIP packages come with a higher level of venue seating, which could include options such as front row tickets, box seat tickets, club seat tickets, luxury suite tickets (shared or private), and more. VIP packages also come with incredible perks and amenities across the board, so you will feel like a star from the moment you arrive at the event to the moment you return home!


Several VIP packages come with fabulous amenities such as VIP parking, VIP venue / event entrance, VIP dining (which can include a buffet, bar, direct-to-seat service via a private seat attendant, or other options, depending on your seat and ticket details), private restroom (no more lines!), VIP seating area, VIP gift bags, and more!


Please note: Not all of these VIP amenities are included with every VIP package. VIP perks vary according to event and venue, and are subject to change. Please read the details of your VIP package carefully before purchase to know what is included with your VIP tickets!


Don't wait! Treat yourself and your friends / family to a VIP package from Meet And Greet Ticket today!