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Based in San Francisco, California, the famous San Francisco Giants are a professional baseball sports team that plays as a member of the West division of the National League in the MLB (Major League Baseball). The Giants were originally founded as the "New York Gothams" in 1883, and three years later, the team was renamed as "New York Giants." After the team moved to 1958, the name was changed to "San Francisco Giants."


The Giants are one of the most successful and oldest professional baseball teams. They have won the highest number of games ever played in the American baseball sports history. The Giants have a record of winning 20 National League pennants. They even played in a total of 20 World Series competitions, and have won eight championships, making them the second team in the National League with the highest number of wins.


Their franchise has the most number of Hall of Fame players in professional baseball sports. The Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers have a record of being rivals for a very long time. The stadium is fully packed whenever the two teams play.


The Giants play their home games at the Oracle Park for now but have changed many of their homes over the years.



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How Much Are San Francisco Giants Ticket packages?

 San Francisco Giants ticket packages can cost $503 to watch them play.


How much are San Francisco Giants VIP tickets?

It costs $1052 for San Francisco Giants tickets and an average of $498 per ticket.


How to get cheap San Francisco Giants tickets? is a great place to buy cheap San Francisco Giants tickets at $149.


How much are San Francisco Giants VIP packages?

$498 is the average price to pay for high-end San Francisco Giants VIP packages. VIP tickets, suites, and club seats can be as high as $1052 per ticket.


Where to buy San Francisco Giants tickets? has an extensive collection of San Francisco Giants tickets to upcoming games.


Can I buy parking for San Francisco Giants games?

Score great parking tickets to San Francisco Giants games on


San Francisco Giants Ticket Prices

San Francisco Giants tickets feature varying prices due to several reasons. See the list of San Francisco Giants tickets below and see the changes based on the date and venue, among others.