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Meet and Greet Tickets

Meet and Greet Tickets



At Meet And Greet Ticket, we often get questions from customers about how meet and greet tickets work. Meet and greet tickets are undoubtedly the very best option when looking to create an unforgettable concert, sporting event, or theater experience for yourself and your loved ones! While the meet and greet procedure and included benefits vary with each performer / artist / team, as well as with each venue, the general process usually follows these or similar steps.*


Meet and greet sessions usually take place after the event, although they can occasionally occur beforehand. A representative from the venue will check your meet and greet tickets and identification (don't forget these!), and escort you backstage to a waiting area. You will wait in a lounge with other meet and greet ticket holders, where there are often complimentary snacks and beverages. When the performer(s) are ready, meet and greet ticket holders most often have the honor of meeting them one by one and getting a photo taken. In certain situations, performers will greet all meet & greet ticket holders as a group. There is often also a short question and answer session. To commemorate this experience, meet and greet ticket holders will also often receive a gift back with exclusive, limited-edition merchandise to take home. This is yours to keep and will help you remember your meet and greet experience for years to come!


*Please note: Meet and greet tickets are different for each event and each venue. The meet and greet experience that is offered by your meet and greet tickets are determined by each individual performer artist / team and is also influenced by restrictions put into place by the venue. Different amenities and benefits accompany meet and greet tickets for each individual event, and those listed above may not all be included. Please see the notes/details attached to your meet and greet tickets before purchasing or call us at 844-425-7918 if you have any questions before purchase to ensure you are getting what you are looking for.


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