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The Miami Dolphins have always displayed strength and integrity towards the game since their opening game. Their sea of supporters has never ceased to amaze with their constant show of faith in the team.



Miami Dolphins meet and greet tickets cannot get better than this when it is about displaying skill and integrity with viewing discretion and value for money.



The Miami Dolphins VIP package is an absolute treat for fans who are in for a royal treatment. It's a show of faith with exclusive benefits and unrestricted gifts in the form of access to the players — also, the master plan with the game tactics all out in the open for you to enjoy. The Miami Dolphins VIP ensures that you are always passing through with unbridled excitement and infectious energy.



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The Miami Dolphins began playing in 1966. They proceeded to win two of the championships, five conference titles and thirteen division games.


The Miami Dolphins Hospitality package doesn't get better than this when it is about reveling in the pleasure of both worlds of food and games. We do not play games when it comes to offering the benefits and offer the best in the house with the meet and greet tickets.


The current head coach of the team is Don Shula, who is known to be a significant contributor to the success of the players and the team. They have had adversaries like the Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers and New York Jets.


Their Pro Football Hall of Fame players include Thurman Thomas, Cris Carter and Junior Seau, among others. Don Shula was the primary reason for the string of successes riding on the backs of the Dolphins.


Let us meet the players of the Miami Dolphins with the Miami Dolphins Fan Package which has never-ending deals and offers that can only get a true patron celebrating the moment like no other.


Though the initial years of play saw them struggle through, they climbed uphill and basked in glory in the following years: 2004, 2008, 2014, 2018 and 2019. 


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We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all Miami Dolphins VIP packages. The safety and security of the payments is a brownie point which cannot be undermined since personal account details should be kept protected under all circumstances.


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Each Miami Dolphins VIP package is different. The type of package described in the description of the content on this website may not be the particular one offered for sale. Please refer to the notes of the ticket group you are purchasing for exact amenities which WILL be included as part of your order.



Who Are The Miami Dolphins Playing?

Dolphins Vs 49ers

Dolphins Vs Buccaneers

Dolphins Vs Giants

Dolphins Vs Jets

Dolphins Vs Patriots

Dolphins Vs Raiders

Dolphins Vs Saints

Dolphins Vs Seahawks

Dolphins Vs Steelers

Dolphins Vs Titans

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How Much Are Miami Dolphins Ticket packages?

 Miami Dolphins ticket packages can cost $471 to watch them play.


How much are Miami Dolphins VIP tickets?

It costs $1146 for Miami Dolphins tickets and an average of $365 per ticket.


How to get cheap Miami Dolphins tickets? is a great place to buy cheap Miami Dolphins tickets at $260.


How much are Miami Dolphins VIP packages?

$365 is the average price to pay for high-end Miami Dolphins VIP packages. VIP tickets, suites, and club seats can be as high as $1146 per ticket.


Where to buy Miami Dolphins tickets? has an extensive collection of Miami Dolphins tickets to upcoming games.


Can I buy parking for Miami Dolphins games?

Score great parking tickets to Miami Dolphins games on


Miami Dolphins Ticket Prices

Miami Dolphins tickets feature varying prices due to several reasons. See the list of Miami Dolphins tickets below and see the changes based on the date and venue, among others.