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The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the significant teams of the National Basketball Association (NBA) that have been a permanent part of the sport for a long time.


They played since the year of its founding in 1947 when they were called the Minneapolis Lakers. Soon after, in the year 1960, they came to be known as the Los Angeles Lakers.


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Los Angeles Lakers VIP Seats

LA Lakers are of the highest order, and their achievements are outstanding as well. They have won sixteen championships, thirty-one conference titles, and twenty-three division titles. 


The Lakers were nicknamed as the “Showtime” when they had their star player Magic Johnson leading the team to win the NBA games. They had quite the line-up of players, including Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, James Worthy, Abdul-Jabar, among others. Their winnings were the longest that was recorded in the history of basketball.


They play their games from the home arena of the Staples Center located in California, which they share with the Los Angeles Clippers team. The LA Lakers are lead by the head coach Frank Vogel. 


Los Angeles Lakers Fan Package comes with unlimited and open access to the star players, their larger-than-life games, and the official merchandise. You can take home more than a bargaining chip. The Los Angeles Lakers Hospitality Package is an elite addition of privilege, so please be among the first to grab it as soon as you see it. The benefit of getting offers and discounts on food and drinks can be availed at no extra cost. You may also like Minnesota Timberwolves VIP tickets or the NBA All Star Game VIP packages.



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Each Los Angeles Lakers VIP package is different. The type of package described in the description of the content on this website may not be the particular one offered for sale. Please refer to the notes of the ticket group you are purchasing for exact amenities which WILL be included as part of your order.



Who Are The Los Angeles Lakers Playing?

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Lakers Vs Blazers

Lakers Vs Bucks

Lakers Vs Grizzlies

Lakers Vs Heat

Lakers Vs Hornets

Lakers Vs Jazz

Lakers Vs Kings

Lakers Vs Knicks

Lakers Vs Nets

Lakers Vs Raptors

Lakers Vs Spurs

Lakers Vs Suns 

Lakers Vs Thunder

Lakers Vs Timberwolves 

Lakers Vs Wizards

Frequently Asked Questions About Los Angeles Lakers Ticket Packages

Los Angeles Lakers VIP Tickets


How Much Are Los Angeles Lakers Ticket packages?

 Los Angeles Lakers ticket packages can cost $493 to watch them play.


How much are Los Angeles Lakers VIP tickets?

It costs $1157 for Los Angeles Lakers tickets and an average of $489 per ticket.


How to get cheap Los Angeles Lakers tickets?

MeetAndGreetTicket.com is a great place to buy cheap Los Angeles Lakers tickets at $207.


How much are Los Angeles Lakers VIP packages?

$489 is the average price to pay for high-end Los Angeles Lakers VIP packages. VIP tickets, suites, and club seats can be as high as $1157 per ticket.


Where to buy Los Angeles Lakers tickets?

MeetAndGreetTicket.com has an extensive collection of Los Angeles Lakers tickets to upcoming games.


Can I buy parking for Los Angeles Lakers games?

Score great parking tickets to Los Angeles Lakers games on MeetAndGreetTicket.com.


Los Angeles Lakers Ticket Prices

Los Angeles Lakers tickets feature varying prices due to several reasons. See the list of Los Angeles Lakers tickets below and see the changes based on the date and venue, among others.