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Widespread Panic Tour

Widespread Panic Tour




A lively crowd dancing at a Widespread Panic concert in vibrant outfits.

For over three decades, Widespread Panic has been synonymous with unforgettable live jam sessions and a die-hard fan community that few bands can rival. Their eclectic blend of southern rock, blues, jazz, and funk has not just endured but flourished in an industry where musical trends come and go like the wind.

My years spent chronicling the band's journey—from humming along to their early tunes in smoky Athens bars to witnessing their skyrocketing fame—have given me first-hand insight into the sheer magnetism of their performances.

The band’s 2024 tour promises more than just a setlist; it offers an experience steeped in musical tradition yet ever-evolving with each show. As they gear up for another series of electric evenings across iconic venues—and with new music on the horizon—there’s a palpable buzz you simply can't ignore.

Ready for an auditory adventure? Read on!


Key Takeaways

  • Widespread Panic's 2024 tour includes visits to famed venues such as The Chicago Theatre, St. Augustine Amphitheatre, and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.
  • Special events include Panic en la Playa Doce in Mexico with four nights of performances and unique collaborations like the Playa Allstars.
  • Notable guests joining Widespread Panic on stage during their tour stops in Memphis are Margo Price and Paul Cauthen, contributing to an enriching musical experience.
  • Fans eager for a taste of live action can enjoy streams from past shows in Savannah and upcoming live streams from Wilmington concerts in September 2023.
  • Historical moments like Hampton 1999 and Boone 1999 showcase the band's iconic performances which continue to be celebrated through album releases and archived recordings.



Upcoming Tour Dates and Locations


Band members performing at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Embark on a musical journey with Widespread Panic as they traverse iconic venues and electrifying festivals in their latest tour. Secure your spot to experience the energy live, from the historic Chicago Theatre to the vibrant New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.




The Chicago Theatre

Widespread Panic fans, get ready for an unforgettable night at the historic Chicago Theatre! Built in 1921, this grand French Baroque palace has hosted decades of top-billed acts. Its stunning architecture and plush red seats set the stage for a night that's as much about ambiance as it is about music.

Catch Widespread Panic under the glowing lights of one of Chicago's most famous marquees. This venue isn't just a place to see a show; it's part of the city’s soul, with its iconic sign lighting up State Street.

Plan your visit to The Chicago Theatre and join other enthusiasts in celebrating Widespread Panic’s electrifying performance at one of America’s treasure troves of live entertainment.

As you enter through the majestic lobby and make your way to your seat, feel the energy resonate within these hallowed walls. It’s not every day you get to experience music legends like Widespread Panic in such a storied setting – an event here is more than just a concert, it's stepping into history itself.

St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Get ready to catch Widespread Panic live in action at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre! This beloved venue will host the band for an unforgettable three-night stand come March 2024. Known for their high-energy shows and dedicated fan base, these performances are set to be some of the most electrifying on their tour schedule.

Secure your spot for a weekend filled with jam-packed music and lively vibes.

Located in scenic St. Augustine, FL, the Amphitheatre has long been a hot spot for Widespread Panic's tours, drawing crowds from all over who know this location never disappoints. Fans can look forward to experiencing these epic shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday — a full weekend that promises non-stop entertainment from one of jam rock's most renowned bands.

Grab your tickets through AEG Presents and join fellow enthusiasts for what's sure to be a highlight of the 2024 tour season.

The anticipation is high as event details continue to emerge for these coveted shows at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre — information on support acts and venue specifics are readily available for those eager concert-goers planning their trip.

Whether you're a longtime follower or newly tuned into Widespread Panic’s thrilling soundscapes, these dates are marked as must-see events that will feed your soul with robust rhythms and memorable melodies under Florida's starry night sky.

Panic en la Playa Doce

Pack your sunscreen and get set for an unforgettable beachside concert experience with Panic en la Playa Doce. This annual event draws Widespread Panic fans to the stunning shores of the Hard Rock Riviera Maya in Mexico.

From April 14-18, 2024, attendees will be treated to four full-length shows by Widespread Panic, complemented by performances from the electrifying Playa Allstars.

As an all-inclusive extravaganza, Panic en la Playa offers more than just music; it's a vacation that fuses exhilarating live tunes with a tropical paradise setting. Anticipation is high for this highly sought-after event where fans come together to celebrate their love for Widespread Panic under the sun-drenched skies of one of Mexico's most beautiful coastal retreats.

Secure your tickets quickly – this musical getaway promises to sell out fast!

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Get ready for an electrifying performance as Widespread Panic hits the stage at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on April 25, 2024. This iconic festival celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of New Orleans through music, art, and food.

Audiences can immerse themselves in a vibrant atmosphere that echoes with soulful melodies and rhythms from different genres. It's not just about legendary performances; festival-goers will also savor delicious local cuisine and admire exquisite crafts.

Mark your calendars for a sensational day filled with unforgettable musical acts at this year's Jazz Fest. Widespread Panic promises to deliver their signature southern rock sound amid a lineup brimming with industry titans.

The event extends from April 25 to May 5, offering plenty of time to explore all facets of this unique experience. Secure your tickets now for Widespread Panic's tour date at one of America’s most beloved festivals—and be part of a tradition that continues to define New Orleans' heritage and its thriving jazz scene.

Radians Amphitheater at Memphis Botanic Garden

Experience the excitement of Widespread Panic live in a breathtaking setting! Radians Amphitheater at Memphis Botanic Garden, located at 750 Cherry Rd, Memphis, TN, provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable night of music under the stars.

With lush greenery and stellar acoustics, this venue promises to amplify each note as Widespread Panic takes you on a musical journey like no other.

Catch two incredible shows with a soulful twist as special guests Margo Price and Paul Cauthen join the lineup. Tickets are already up for grabs for these much-anticipated concerts on May 24 and May 25, 2024.

Don't miss out on your chance to be part of the audience experiencing Widespread Panic's masterful blend of southern rock and jamband magic right here at Radians Amphitheater.

Mark your calendars because December isn't just about holiday cheer—it's also when Widespread Panic rocks Memphis not once but twice! The band returns to Radians Amphitheater before capturing hearts again during their performance at Mempho Music Festival next October.

With sounds that resonate through nature's own amphitheater, fans can look forward to nights filled with high-energy performances that are sure to become legendary moments in music history.

Stay tuned with Bandsintown for exclusive concert information and make sure you're there when it all happens!

Three Nights in St. Louis

Fans of Widespread Panic experienced a musical marathon during the band's spectacular three-night stint at the historic Stifel Theatre in St. Louis. Vibrant energy filled the venue as each show offered its own unique setlist and surprises.

Devotees who secured the precious three-day pass were part of an exclusive club, witnessing the evolution of live jams that only Widespread Panic can deliver.

The excitement reached a crescendo on January 20, 2024, marking the final night in St. Louis and showcasing the band's dynamic range to perfection. With no two performances alike, those present will surely cherish memories from this unforgettable trio of concerts for years to come.

Tickets flew quickly for these sought-after shows with sales exclusively online - signaling a new digital era for fans keeping pace with modern ticketing conveniences alongside timeless tunes.

Each evening buzzed with anticipation as attendees gathered not just for music but for a shared experience inside one of Missouri's treasured venues now etched into Widespread Panic history.

New Years in Atlanta

New Years in Atlanta is a bustling time, and Widespread Panic ensured the festivities were unforgettable. They took over The Fox Theatre with their electrifying performances, marking three nights of thrilling music that brought the year to a resounding close.

A true highlight for concert-goers, these shows underscored why this band has such a loyal following. With each night packed full of surprises and deep jams, attendees experienced the perfect blend of southern charm and rock energy.

Just before the countdown began on December 31st, they wrapped up "The Punisher Tour" at Georgia Theatre with yet another legendary show. Fans from all over came together for this annual tradition — it was more than just a concert; it was an event that encapsulated the spirit of celebration in Atlanta.

Next on their schedule are some exciting destinations that continue to showcase their dynamic tour dates across cities and theaters nationwide.

Recent Tour News

A vibrant stage set with musical instruments and colorful spotlights.

Stay abreast of the latest Widespread Panic tour developments, from exciting festival lineup announcements to notable special guests joining the band on stage.

NOLA Jazzfest Announcement

Widespread Panic fans, mark your calendars for an unforgettable experience at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival this spring. The band is set to headline the opening day, kicking off a legendary lineup featuring stars like the Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters.

Get ready to groove with thousands of music lovers as Widespread Panic brings their iconic southern rock jams to one of the most vibrant music festivals in the world.

With such an electrifying roster, including Chris Stapleton, Queen Latifah, and Jon Batiste, this year's Jazz Fest is poised to be a historic event. Tickets will go fast for this much-anticipated performance on May 2nd by Widespread Panic, who continue to make waves with their dynamic live shows.

Don't miss your chance to witness these jam scene veterans play at a festival renowned for its rich cultural heritage and musical diversity.

As you gear up for an incredible show at NOLA Jazzfest, stay tuned for more exciting news about special guests joining Widespread Panic in Memphis.

Special Guests in Memphis

Memphis music lovers, get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Radians Amphitheater where Widespread Panic raises the bar with special guests Margo Price and Paul Cauthen. These two powerhouse artists will share the stage for a spectacular two-night stint, adding their distinctive flavors to an already spicy musical gumbo.

Expect electrifying performances that blend perfectly with Widespread Panic's renowned live jams.

Margo Price brings her soulful country twist to Memphis, while Paul Cauthen's rich baritone promises to resonate through the night air, creating magical moments under the stars. Fans can look forward to unique collaborations as these musicians interweave their talents with those of Widespread Panic—guaranteeing shows that will be talked about long after the final encore.

As we continue on our musical journey, let us transition smoothly into discussing recent tour news that has sparked excitement across cities and screens worldwide.

Highlights from Previous Tours

Delve into the unforgettable moments Widespread Panic has delivered in past performances, igniting a sense of anticipation for what's to come—discover their musical journey and witness history unfold once more.

Hampton 1999

Hampton 1999 struck a high note in Widespread Panic's touring history, capturing an electric live performance at the Hampton Coliseum. On that November evening, fans were treated to epic renditions of "Chilly Water" and "Dyin' Man," showcasing the band's ability to enliven their music on stage.

Featuring collaborations with musical giants like Tinsley Ellis and David Blackmon, this concert etched itself into the memories of all who attended.

The album not only immortalizes that night's energetic jams but also emphasizes the collaborative spirit of Widespread Panic by including contributions from legends such as Col. Bruce Hampton and Rev.

Jeff Mosier. Each guest artist added unique layers to an already rich sonic tapestry, making it a cornerstone event for fans and newcomers to explore the depths of Widespread Panic's live tour experiences.

Boone 1999

Boone 1999 captures a legendary night for Widespread Panic enthusiasts, recorded live at the Varsity Gym at Appalachian State University. This concert is not just another live recording; it's electrifying and pulsates with energy from start to finish.

As fans eagerly await, the release date of August 18, 2023, marks a significant moment as this show joins the illustrious Widespread Panic Archive.

The album features collaborations with exceptional artists including Tinsley Ellis and David Blackmon, adding layers of richness to an already vibrant musical tapestry. It boasts a variety of songs that shift seamlessly from one genre to another, keeping listeners on their toes throughout the performance.

With Boone 1999 set for release, avid followers have something truly special to look forward to—a slice of music history ready for them to experience all over again.

Diving into this concert gives fans old and new alike an opportunity to relive an "electric show" that continues resonating decades later. Transitioning smoothly into discussions around recent tour news will keep audiences engaged in the ongoing journey of Widespread Panic as they continue making waves in music communities everywhere.

Savannah Audio Streams

Moving from the electric live performances in Boone 1999, fans of Widespread Panic could also immerse themselves in the band's vibrant energy through Savannah audio streams. In 2023, followers were treated to an exceptional experience as the group shared free live audio streams from their shows in Savannah.

This generous offer allowed enthusiasts who couldn't attend to revel in the stirring sounds and feel connected to the pulse of the live event.

Accessible once again, a special stream from a 2008 performance captures Widespread Panic's unique essence during one of their memorable nights in Savannah. With crystal-clear sound quality, listeners can enjoy every note and jam out just like they were there among cheering crowds.

These recordings stand as a testament to Widespread Panic’s commitment to sharing their music far and wide, ensuring that even those at home don't miss out on spellbinding concert moments.

Wilmington Live Streams

Widespread Panic fans get ready for a digital front-row seat to the band's electric performances in Wilmington. September 15 and 16, 2023, mark the dates when you can tune in to live streams directly from the vibrant Live Oak Band Pavilion at Riverfront Park.

Experience every riff and drumbeat as if you were there, all from the comfort of your home.

Catching Widespread Panic on stage is thrilling, but if you can't make it to North Carolina, these live streams are your ticket to the action. Last year's Wilmington shows left audiences clamoring for more – now viewers worldwide will feel part of the energy that only a Widespread Panic concert can deliver.

Get set for an unforgettable virtual event featuring one of America’s most beloved jam bands right on your screen.

Halloween in Savannah

Halloween in Savannah transforms the historic city into a backdrop for one of Widespread Panic's most anticipated shows. The band celebrates the season with electrifying performances at Enmarket Arena, weaving together themes like 'Wizard of Oz' and Black Sabbath covers to create an unforgettable experience.

As fans don their costumes, they join the tradition that has become a hallmark of the Halloween concert circuit.

The streets around the venue echo with excitement as ghost tours wind through old squares under Spanish moss-draped oaks, adding to the mystique of the evening. Inside Enmarket Arena, enthusiasts revel in unique sets; last year’s dreams-themed show included eight debuts and two rare songs making a comeback—dubbed "bust-outs"—showcasing Widespread Panic’s ability to surprise and delight even their most devoted followers.

With Savannah's eerie charm setting the stage, these Halloween concerts stand out not just for their music but as an immersive experience where fantasy collides with rock-and-roll reality.

Live in Milwaukee

Widespread Panic fans get ready! The legendary jam band is hitting the stage at The Riverside Theater in Milwaukee for a three-night run this fall. Mark your calendars for October 20, 21, and 22, to experience the thrill of their live performances once again.

Known for their improvisational style and high-energy shows, Widespread Panic promises to bring an unforgettable musical journey to Wisconsin.

Expect echoes of past glories as they return to the same venue that hosted them back in 2017. Anticipation runs high among fans eager to capture new memories with tracks that set hearts racing and feet moving.

The Riverside Theater will come alive as these music maestros weave through their repertoire of hits and perhaps surprise attendees with something brand new.

After soaking in the vibrant atmosphere 'Live in Milwaukee', prepare yourself for more Widespread Panic history-in-the-making information up next.

Widespread Panic History and Music

Delving into the rich tapestry that is Widespread Panic's history, fans and newcomers alike will discover a band whose roots are as deep as their grooves. The group's journey through music unfolds a narrative of relentless touring, evolving soundscapes, and impassioned performances that have cultivated a unique space in the jam-band scene.

Little by Little

Widespread Panic's journey through music is marked by continuous evolution, and their latest original release "Little by Little" perfectly exemplifies this. Debuting to fans on January 26, 2024, the track showcases the band's commitment to growth and exploration in sound.

Crafted with finesse and passion, it represents a new milestone for Widespread Panic as they forge ahead in their storied career.

Fans who collect memorabilia have something special to look forward to: an exclusive piece of history signed by the members of Widespread Panic. This collector's item not only captures the essence of "Little by Little," but also serves as a testament to the band’s ongoing narrative—one that continues unfolding with every chord and lyric.

Panic en la Playa Doce Music Schedule

Get ready to experience an unforgettable musical journey at Panic en la Playa Doce. This 12th-anniversary celebration brings a vibrant lineup to the shores of Mexico from April 14th to 18th, 2024.


  • Four Days of Music: Across three stages, fans will be treated to four full nights of Widespread Panic performances, ensuring every evening is packed with live jams and classic hits.
  • Daytime Sets: The music continues under the sun with daytime sets featuring a mix of renowned artists and up-and-coming bands for constant entertainment.
  • Playa Allstars Performances: Catch special shows by the Playa Allstars, a supergroup composed of musicians from various bands joining forces for exclusive collaborations.
  • Theme Nights: Participate in fun theme nights designed to enhance the festive atmosphere; come dressed up and ready to party alongside fellow fans.
  • Diverse Lineup: Aside from headlining shows by Widespread Panic, enjoy performances by other talented artists set against the backdrop of the Yucatán Peninsula's stunning scenery.
  • Special Activities: In addition to music, take part in organized activities that elevate your concert vacation experience beyond just the tunes.


New Music Release

Widespread Panic thrives on sharing new sounds with fans, and this tour will deliver fresh tunes to exhilarate your concert experience. History shows that the band often surprises audiences with unreleased tracks live on stage.

Expect them to continue this tradition, allowing attendees the first taste of their latest creations before anyone else.

The anticipation for these concerts builds as loyal followers speculate which songs might make their live debut. Drawing from a rich discography that began with "Space Wrangler" in 1988, Widespread Panic's dedication to evolving their music ensures each show offers something unique.

Fans keep an eye out for potential classics-in-the-making, following in the footsteps of beloved hits like "You Got Yours" and "Big Woolly Mammoth.".

With every performance, Widespread Panic solidifies its legacy as a band committed to growth and innovation in music. The excitement surrounding new releases fuels the atmosphere at their shows, promising unforgettable nights filled with rhythmic revelations and soul-stirring melodies that resonate long after the final encore.

Special Events and Fundraisers

Widespread Panic's commitment to philanthropy shines through an array of special events and fundraisers that engage fans in supporting meaningful causes. Discover how your concert experience can contribute to benevolent initiatives, from unique auctions to exclusive artwork sales benefitting environmental recovery projects.

Auctions and Raffles

Engage with the heart of Widespread Panic's community spirit through their exciting auctions and raffles. These events connect fans while supporting important causes, creating a unique blend of philanthropy and entertainment.


  • Exclusive Memorabilia: Collectors and fans alike treasure rare items like signed posters offered at auctions.
  • Direct Support: All proceeds from events such as the New Years Rock 'n' Raffle go to charities including Nuçi's Space, aiming to prevent suicide.
  • Go Mobile: The use of mobile silent auctions makes participating easier and can increase funds raised for worthy initiatives.
  • Soundwaves Artwork: Unique prints created from the soundwaves of live performances are available, with sales aiding recovery efforts in communities like Maui.
  • Personal Touch: Securing names and addresses from ticket sales enhances future fundraising strategies by building a network of dedicated supporters.
  • Event Excitement: Participating in these events adds another layer of excitement to the concert experience for fans attending Widespread Panic tour dates.


Soundwaves Prints for Maui Recovery

From exclusive auctions to unique pieces of art, Widespread Panic continues their support for important causes. They're offering limited edition Soundwaves prints crafted from the audio waves of their song "Little By Little".

Each print carries the authentic touch of Widespread Panic, as they've personally signed each one. These aren't just visually striking pieces; they play a vital role in supporting the Maui recovery initiatives following devastating wildfires.

Fans have a chance to own a piece of music history while contributing to a great cause. The artwork’s sales directly aid those affected by the fires in Lahaina and other impacted areas on Maui.

Through collaborations with artists like Henry Kapono, these fundraising efforts shine light on community resilience and offer tangible hope for rebuilding and recovery. Own an extraordinary artifact that echoes Widespread Panic's commitment to healing through harmony.

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The thrill of live music awaits as Widespread Panic takes the stage, bringing their unique sound to cities across the country. Fans old and new can experience the raw energy that has defined a generation of jam sessions.

Grab your Widespread Panic tickets for an unforgettable night filled with riffs, rhythm, and soul-stirring jams. Be part of a musical journey that weaves through decades of celebrated performances.

Don't miss out on witnessing these rock legends create magic at every show!


1. When is the Widespread Panic 2024 Tour?

The Widespread Panic 2024 Tour dates are announced regularly, so fans should check for updates to catch them live.

2. How can I find out about the Widespread Panic schedule?

You can easily track the Widespread Panic schedule online or by visiting their official website where all tour dates will be listed.

3. Are tickets for the Widespread Panic Tour available now?

Yes, you can purchase your tickets through official ticket outlets and ensure you don't miss out on their exciting shows.

4. Can I get tickets to a specific Widespread Panic show near me?

Check the listing of Widespread Panic tour dates to discover when they'll play in your area, then secure your spot at that concert!

Widespread Panic Tour Dates

Here's a comprehensive overview of the Widespread Panic Tour Dates:


Date City Venue
12/29/2023 Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre - Atlanta
12/30/2023 Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre - Atlanta
12/31/2023 Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre - Atlanta
01/18/2024 St. Louis, MO Stifel Theatre
01/19/2024 St. Louis, MO Stifel Theatre
01/20/2024 St. Louis, MO Stifel Theatre
02/15/2024 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre
02/16/2024 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre
02/17/2024 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre


This table provides fans with a clear and concise guide to plan their experience, marking their calendars for an unforgettable series of performances by Widespread Panic.

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