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Post-Grunge and Alternative Metal music have really become popular, and one of the bands that have led the way in this regard is Shinedown. Tickets for Shinedown concerts can be hard to get sometimes, but Meet & Greet Ticket can give you a hand by providing the best Shinedown Backstage Passes and Shinedown VIP Passes.



Shinedown’s Story

The first place you could get a Shinedown VIP Package was in Jacksonville, where they first started their career. This team made up of Brent Smith, Barry Kerch, Zach Myers, and Eric Bass has really made their mark in the world of alternative metal and hard rock. Past members Brad Stewart, Jasin Todd, and Nick Perri also played a significant role in making it happen.


Their first album, Leave a Whisper was recorded in 2003, and while it took a bit of time to make their mark, that album went certified platinum (1 million sales) and they hit the ground running and started selling tons of Shinedown Tickets. Be sure to check out our regular Shinedown concert tickets. We have many options that you are sure to love.



Shinedown’s Legacy

Shinedown has currently recorded 6 different albums – the aforementioned first album, Us and Them, The Sound of Madness, Amaryllis, Threat to Survival, and Attention, Attention. It’s not surprising that, when you get Shinedown Meet & Greet Tickets, you’re never sure what hits you’ll hear! The sheer variety of rock and roll styles is immense and it’s well worth seeing them do it live!


They pride themselves in showcasing a different style of rock in every album, so when you buy Shinedown Tickets, you never know if you’ll hear a cover of “Simple Man” (originally recorded by Lynyrd Skynrd), “Cut the Cord,” “I’ll Follow You,” “Get Up,” or any of their other songs from their albums. They’re building a legacy of rock, and it’s a breath of fresh air when you look at a lot of the music that has been coming out in the early 2000’s until the present.



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Shinedown Meet And Greet Tickets

If you are a fan of Shinedown, you are going to love the fact that the Shinedown tour has just been announced for the year. Fans all over the country are extremely excited to watch the live Shinedown concert. If you also want to be a part of the upcoming Shinedown show, now is your chance to get your Shinedown tickets from us.

Formed in 2001 by the band’s vocalist Brent Smith, Shinedown is a rock band from America based out of Jacksonville, Florida. The band was formed after the dissolution of Brent’s previous band, Dreve. As the band was still under the contract deal with Atlantic Records, Brent took the liberty to bring back former band members Brad Stewart (bass), Jasin Todd (guitarist), and Barry Kerch (drums) to form the band Shinedown. 

Shinedown is currently one of the most popular rock bands in the world, with the most number of chart-topping singles on Billboard rock charts. They currently have 16 singles that have reached the number one position on Billboard, and with all of their releases making it to the top 5 positions on Billboard. As of 2021, the band has sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

Over the years of their career, Shinedown has so far released 6 albums which are “Leave a Whisper,” “Us and Them,” “The Sound of Madness,” “Amaryllis,” “Threat to Survival,” and the latest on “Attention Attention” of 2018. So far, they have been nominated for one American Music Awards, 2 Billboard Awards, and 7 iHeartRadio Music Awards, among many others. 

If you are planning to watch the band perform live, we have all kinds of Shinedown tickets available with us so you can have the best concert experience of your choice.

For fans wanting to enjoy a premium concert experience, you can get the Shinedown VIP Box seats, where you can enjoy the Shinedown event from a private box. These tickets also come with special benefits like access to the best drinks, food and many more. Shinedown luxury suite is also a similar option with similar benefits, but here, you can enjoy the show from a private suite. 

Besides these Shinedown tickets, we also have several other VIP tickets that you can take advantage of. If you love watching your favorite artist perform up close, you can also choose Shinedown front row tickets, which are available with us. Do remember that these Shinedown tickets are very limited in number. So make sure to get your Shinedown tickets from us as soon as you can. 



Shinedown Ticket Prices & Tour Information

When do Shinedown Tickets Go on Sale?

There is no specific date for when the tickets for the Shinedown show will be available for purchase. However, most Shinedown ticket sales start soon after the announcement of their tours. So, if you want to get the tickets first, make sure to keep yourself updated with the latest news. You can find more information from our website as well.



How Much Are Shinedown Tickets?

The prices of tickets usually depend on the location and venue of the concerts. You can get a ticket anywhere from $50 to $100. But if you want to purchase VIP tickets, they will cost a lot more. Some of the VIP Shinedown tickets will cost more than $1000.