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Luke Combs Tour

Luke Combs Tour



Enthusiastic fans singing along at a Luke Combs concert.

Country music fans everywhere are gearing up for an unforgettable experience as Luke Combs hits the road for his monumental world tour. Not just any ordinary jaunt across cities, this tour marks a pivotal moment in live country music performances.

I bring to you a deep dive into the "Luke Combs Tour," drawn from my extensive background in covering country music events and artists, ensuring that every fan gets a front-row understanding of what awaits them at these much-anticipated concerts.

As someone who's followed Luke Combs' meteoric rise from humble beginnings to becoming a stadium-filling phenomenon, I've curated insights that no playlist or album sleeve can provide.

The electricity of live performance is unparalleled; it's where music transcends lyrics and melodies, becoming a shared heartbeat among thousands. With over 16 countries witnessing this stellar artist’s craft, the upcoming section peels back each layer of what makes these events more than just concerts—they're communal celebrations of stories told through song.

Dive deeper with us into the heart of country rhythm and soul. Ready? Let's go!


Key Takeaways

  • Luke Combs, a renowned country artist, is embarking on a worldwide tour exciting fans across 16 countries with over 31 chances to see him live.
  • His concerts feature a mix of his hit songs like "When It Rains It Pours" and "Hurricane," as well as new tracks from his fourth studio album.
  • Fans have opportunities for free Meet & Greets through the V.I.B. program and can share their experiences using the $10,000 giveaway by Atlas Experiences.
  • Special guests such as Mitchell Tenpenny, Morgan Wade, and emerging talents will join Combs on various tour dates, enriching the concert experience.
  • Ticket prices range from affordable options starting at $41 to premium floor seats commanding higher prices; early ticket purchases are recommended due to high demand.



About Luke Combs


An old rustic barn in a countryside field with a vintage truck.

Luke Combs has ridden the wave of his undeniable talent to become one of country music's most celebrated artists. His blend of traditional sounds with a modern edge has captivated fans worldwide, making his story and rise in the industry an essential chapter for any country music enthusiast.




Early Life and Music Career

Born in Charlotte and raised in the mountain town of Asheville, Luke Combs found his love for music early on. He joined a chorus class in junior high and continued to sing throughout high school, setting the stage for his future career.

His passion for music stayed with him as he went on to attend Appalachian State University, where he played his first country music show at a local bar—a gig that started after he worked there as a bouncer.

Combs' journey from singing in choirs to captivating audiences nationwide was not overnight. Armed with a relentless work ethic and undeniable talent, he honed his skills writing songs and performing gigs wherever possible.

This dedication began paying dividends when one of his earliest country music releases gained online traction, showcasing his ability to connect deeply with fans through relatable lyrics and hearty melodies.

Segueing smoothly into “Discography,” Combs’ ascent from choir member to chart-topping artist has been nothing short of remarkable, laying down the tracks for an impressive collection of work that resonates with legions of fans across the globe.



Luke Combs is a powerhouse in country music, renowned for his deep voice and honest lyrics. With each album, he brings new stories to life that resonate with fans across the world.


  • His debut album "This One's for You" hit shelves in 2017 and quickly became a favorite. It features chart-topping hits like "Hurricane" and "When It Rains It Pours," songs that share tales of love, loss, and life.
  • "What You See Is What You Get," released in 2019, built on his success with more personal storytelling. Tracks such as "Beer Never Broke My Heart" showcase his unique blend of humor and heartache.
  • Continuing to impress audiences, Combs dropped "What You See Ain't Always What You Get," an extended version of his second album. This expanded collection includes fan-loved tracks like "Forever After All."
  • Demonstrating his consistency, Combs supports his fourth studio album with the current tour. The body of work further cements his status as a prolific songwriter who pens nearly all of his music.
  • Rare tracks and unreleased songs often make surprise appearances during his live performances. These moments create exclusive experiences for fans attending Luke Combs tour dates.
  • Each concert on the Luke Combs 2024 Tour provides a chance to witness the growth of this artist's evolving musical journey. New melodies blend with old favorites, offering something fresh yet familiar.



Tour Dates


A crowd of diverse fans cheering at a concert venue.

Luke Combs' tour schedule is a thrilling opportunity for fans to witness the country superstar live, as he brings his dynamic performances across numerous cities and venues. Keep your calendars open and see when this chart-topping artist hits a stage near you, promising unforgettable nights of music and camaraderie.




Upcoming Tour Dates

Catch the excitement as Luke Combs hits the road for his highly anticipated concerts. Fans across cities and countries can look forward to unforgettable live performances with a schedule packed full of shows.


  • The thrill begins in Las Vegas, NV, at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, setting the stage for what's sure to be an epic series of events.
  • Milwaukee, WI, then welcomes country enthusiasts for the start of the 'Growin' Up and Gettin' Old Tour', promising a night filled with new hits and classic favorites.
  • Buffalo, NY is next on the list, where devotees will gather to experience the raw energy and powerful vocals that only a Luke Combs event can deliver.
  • Concert - goers from three different countries will have 31 chances to catch this country superstar live—each venue buzzing with anticipation for his arrival.
  • Every show promises a blend of heartfelt melodies and foot - stomping anthems, delivered with the kind of authenticity that has skyrocketed Combs to stardom.



Past Tour Dates

Luke Combs has lit up stages around the world with his dynamic performances. From large arenas to intimate venues, his past tours have made unforgettable memories for country music fans.


  • London's O2 Arena felt the power of Luke Combs' voice as he took to the stage, delivering an electrifying show that left fans clamoring for more.
  • Manchester also hosted this country star at the AO Arena where audiences were treated to a set filled with chart-topping hits and raw, emotional ballads.
  • In Fort Lauderdale, the FLA Live Arena buzzed with excitement as Luke brought down the house, showcasing why he's one of country music's most compelling live performers.
  • Jacksonville’s VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena witnessed a night of high-energy and heartfelt tunes that echoed throughout the city.
  • Touring across North America, Luke Combs shared 22 memorable shows from coast to coast, each one contributing to his growing legend in modern country music.
  • His global presence expanded with eight international concerts that crossed borders and connected with fans worldwide through his honest lyrics and robust melodies.



Ticket Information

Securing your spot to witness Luke Combs live in concert is straightforward, with numerous options catering to diverse preferences and budgets. Explore the purchasing process for tickets, compare pricing tiers, and discover exclusive floor seating opportunities to elevate your concert experience.




How to Purchase Tickets

Getting your hands on tickets for a Luke Combs concert is a straightforward process. Here's how you can secure your spot to enjoy a night of unforgettable country music.


  • Visit Luke Combs' official website or Ticketmaster to find the Luke Combs event dates you want to attend. Look out for pre-sale and general sale dates listed.
  • Check if you qualify for fan club pre - sale tickets, as these become available ahead of the general public sales. Joining the fan club might give you an early chance to purchase tickets.
  • Set your alarm for the specific date and time that tickets go on sale to ensure you don't miss out. Luke Combs schedule details are clearly outlined on his website.
  • For those looking for premium seating, explore AXS Premium options. These tickets offer some of the best views in the house and are sold at market value.
  • Prepare your payment information beforehand to make the purchasing process quick and efficient once tickets go live.
  • Follow any additional instructions provided during the sale to complete your purchase, such as choosing delivery methods or adding optional extras.



Ticket Prices

Luke Combs' fans eagerly anticipate his live performances, and securing tickets is a crucial step to experiencing his country music magic. Let's explore the ticket prices for his tour.


Ticket Type Price Range
Standard Admission $85 to $152
Average Price $384
Lowest Price Available $41
2024 U.S. Tour Range $74 to $231


Ticket costs vary, reflecting seating options and venue sizes. Premium seats naturally command higher prices, while affordable options are available for budget-conscious fans. Service fees are additional and vary by ticketing platform. Remember, prices fluctuate due to demand and are subject to change.

Next on our tour journey is securing those coveted floor seats.


Floor Seats

Securing floor seats at a Luke Combs concert means you're in for an unforgettable night. These premium tickets put fans as close to the action as possible, offering an immersive and electric experience.

Imagine standing only feet away from the stage, with a clear view of every strum of the guitar and feeling the energy of each song.

However, these sought-after spots come with a price reflecting their value. They are typically more expensive than other options available at his shows. Yet many fans find this cost worthwhile for the chance to connect with Luke's music on such an intimate level.

To ensure you snag one of these coveted positions, be prepared to act quickly when tickets go on sale—you won't be alone in trying to secure the best spot in the house.

For those lucky enough to get their hands on floor or GA Pit seats, remember there's usually a specific entrance dedicated for your ticket type at venues. This gate is designed exclusively for floor ticket holders enabling smoother access to your section—just another perk that comes with being up front! While some concert-goers prefer higher views from lower bowl seats, nothing quite compares to being part of that ground-level crowd where every beat resonates through you and creates lifetime memories.


Setlist and Tour History

Delving into Luke Combs' setlist reveals a catalogue of chart-topping hits and fan favorites that both stir the soul and ignite the crowd. His tour history is peppered with sold-out shows, showcasing an artist not only known for his powerful vocals but also for creating unforgettable live music experiences.


Popular Songs Performed

Luke Combs lights up the stage with hit songs that fans adore. His setlist features crowd favorites and chart-topping singles that create unforgettable concert moments.


  • "When It Rains It Pours" is a showstopper, performed over 196 times. This tune tells a story of newfound luck after a breakup and gets the audience singing along.
  • Fans can't get enough of "Hurricane," which has rocked the stage 193 times. The powerful ballad captures hearts with its tale of overwhelming emotions likened to a storm.
  • Every concert-goer feels the beat of "Beer Never Broke My Heart." This anthem resonates with country music lovers for its relatable lyrics and high-energy rhythm.
  • "She Got the Best of Me" makes the list with 184 performances. Comb's passionate delivery turns this song about love and loss into an unforgettable live performance.
  • Echoing through venues, "One Number Away" has been played live 180 times. The song's emotional storyline about missed connections fills arenas with shared sentiment.
  • The uplifting spirit of "Beautiful Crazy" never fails to enchant fans. It spotlights Combs' rich vocals and has become a signature piece in his concerts.
  • Electrifying new hits like "Cold as You" grab attention with their down-to-earth narratives and catchy hooks, showcasing Combs' evolving musical journey.



Previous Tour Highlights

The World Tour took Luke Combs across seas to electrify fans in London and Manchester, extending his country roots to an international stage. These shows not only demonstrated the worldwide love for his music but also highlighted how weather can impact live concerts with one show pausing due to lightning risks.

At these events, enthusiasts witnessed a myriad of songs come alive, with setlists offering insights into the most beloved tracks by crowds around the globe.

Determined concertgoers who braved unpredictable weather left with memories worth their weight in gold—singing along to hits that define contemporary country music. As they headlined arenas, statistics chronicled which tunes defined each night—a treasure trove for fans curious about the soundtrack of past performances.

Next up after reminiscing about past tour highlights are details on those opening acts setting stages ablaze before Luke Combs hits it big!


Opening Acts

Dive into the energetic prelude of a Luke Combs concert, where opening acts featuring special guests and emerging country talents set the stage for an unforgettable musical journey.

These artists not only warm up the crowd but often represent the next wave in country music, offering fans a taste of fresh sounds and future hits.


Special Guests on Tour

Luke Combs isn't hitting the road alone; he's bringing an impressive lineup of special guests. Each concert features a mix of well-known artists and rising stars in the country music scene.


  • Mitchell Tenpenny and Morgan Wade join Luke Combs for parts of his "Middle of Somewhere Tour," adding their unique sounds to an already stellar show.
  • The Avett Brothers, celebrated for their soulful blend of folk and rock, will appear at select dates, promising a night of musical mastery.
  • Gary Allan and David Lee Murphy bring years of hits to the stage on certain nights, offering fans a chance to sing along to their favorites.
  • Concertgoers in Australia and New Zealand can look forward to Cody Johnson and Lane Pittman as they share their talents down under with energetic performances.
  • Pittsburgh's lineup is stacked with Riley Green, Lainey Wilson, Flatland Cavalry, and Brent Cobb, ensuring a memorable evening filled with diverse country flavors.
  • The 2024 tour dates are set to dazzle with Cody Jinks, Charles Wesley Godwin, The Wilder Blue, Jordan Davis, and more showcasing their skills alongside Luke Combs.
  • For those attending the Gillette Stadium shows, expect an unforgettable day as Riley Green and others deliver show-stopping sets that capture the spirit of country music.



Rising Country Stars

Continuing with the excitement of special guests, we turn our attention to the rising stars gracing the stage alongside Luke Combs. Each opening act brings a unique flair to the concert series, showcasing why they are the ones to watch in country music.


  • Lainey Wilson steps into the spotlight with her nomination for awards that place her among industry giants including Combs himself. With a distinctive voice and storytelling prowess, she captures audiences' admiration and promises exceptional performances.
  • Bailey Zimmerman rockets into fame with his hit "Rock and a Hard Place," achieving one of the most impressive runs for a new artist in recent country music history. His relatable lyrics and heartfelt delivery connect deeply with fans at every show.
  • Among intriguing facts about Zimmerman, knowing he's made an extraordinary leap from small - town beginnings illuminates his dedication to his craft that concertgoers will witness firsthand.
  • Zach Bryan brings not just his musical talents but also a rich backstory as a U.S. Navy veteran to his performances. His authenticity and raw emotion resonate through each song, leaving lasting impressions on new and old fans alike.
  • Mitchell Tenpenny and Morgan Wade join Lainey Wilson in setting the stage for Combs' "Middle of Somewhere Tour." Their vibrant energy and emerging hits add layers of excitement, highlighting the dynamic future of country music.



Fan Experiences

Fan experiences at Luke Combs' concerts transcend mere attendance, often transforming into treasured memories through intimate meet and greets and vivid recounts from thrilled concertgoers.

These firsthand testimonials offer a glimpse into the electrifying atmosphere that defines a night with this country music titan.


Meet and Greets

Luke Combs fans have a unique opportunity to step behind the scenes and see their favorite country star up close with the V.I.B. (Very Important Bootlegger) Meet & Greet program. This exclusive access is a special part of his headlining shows, offering attendees more than just a concert – it's an intimate experience with the artist himself.

The perk doesn't come at an extra cost either; Combs keeps these meetups free as part of his commitment to affordable fan experiences.

Imagine shaking hands with Luke Combs or snapping that perfect selfie in an environment crafted for die-hard supporters. Concertgoers might even be among the 20 fortunate individuals selected by Atlas Experiences for a face-to-face meeting before he takes the stage.

These rare encounters are complemented by exciting chances during performances and substantial prizes like the $10,000 giveaway.

Securing your spot requires staying alert for these packages as they become available—often announced on Luke's official channels or through ticket vendors. Fans seeking this once-in-a-lifetime moment should regularly check for updates, ensuring they don’t miss out on making memories that last long after the final encore fades away.


Concert Reviews and Experiences

Country music fans often arrive early, eager to secure a great spot for the show. This dedication was clearly seen in Charlotte, NC, where Luke Combs enthusiasts gathered hours ahead of time.

Their eagerness is not just about witnessing the beloved singer live; it's also about sharing moments with fellow fans that are sure to last a lifetime.

Reviews from those who attended the concert at Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City were filled with praise. Attendees expressed their delight over the energetic performance and highlighted the unforgettable atmosphere created by Combs on stage.

The shared sentiment across various reviews points to an exceptional experience, marked by engaging performances that connect deeply with audiences.

These narratives pave an inviting path toward meeting some of these dedicated followers and understanding why they relish every chance to see Luke perform live. Fans looking forward to upcoming meet-and-greets can anticipate a similar electric atmosphere that has become synonymous with his concerts.



As the curtain falls on Luke Combs' groundbreaking world tour, fans are left anticipating his future endeavors and reflecting on the indelible mark he has made in the tapestry of country music.

Combs' journey is a testament to how authentic storytelling and resonant melodies can transcend borders, uniting music lovers across the globe.


Excitement for Upcoming Tour

Fans are eagerly counting down the days until Luke Combs hits the road for his "Growin' Up and Gettin' Old" tour. Buzz is building with each announcement, as enthusiasts of country music gear up to experience live renditions of their favorite songs.

Social media is abuzz with chatter about tour details, speculating on which hit tracks will blast through the speakers at concert venues nationwide.

The anticipation skyrockets as followers of Combs share plans for attending multiple shows, determined not to miss a beat of what promises to be an unforgettable series of performances.

Supporters chat excitedly about potential setlists, reminiscing over past concerts while dreaming up the ultimate live music event they're about to witness. This excitement isn't just felt by fans; it echoes across forums, fan clubs, and community groups where Luke Combs has become a household name in country tunes.


Luke Combs' Impact on Country Music Industry

Luke Combs has revolutionized the country music industry. With his authentic sound and relatable lyrics, he's quickly climbed to the top of the charts, drawing in fans from all over.

His success isn't just about hit songs; it's also about how he approaches touring globally. These sold-out shows aren't just concerts—they're events that bring together people who love country music.

His global live strategy is more than a tour; it's a phenomenon that provides vital data on country music's reach across continents. The Country Music Association (CMA) recognizes this growth as they track genre popularity worldwide, validating Combs' influence in expanding country music's fan base.

This artist doesn't only create waves with every performance but also shapes what new stars strive for in their careers.

Combs’ presence on stage has had undeniable effects on sales and streaming numbers too—showing an increase wherever he performs. His rise reflects not only his personal net worth but also enriches the entire country landscape economically and culturally.

Every note sung, every venue filled to capacity confirms Luke Combs as a defining force within today’s vibrant scene of modern country tunes.



1. Where can I find the dates for Luke Combs' upcoming tour?

You can find the dates for Luke Combs' tour on his official website or ticket-selling platforms.

2. Can I purchase VIP packages for a Luke Combs concert?

Yes, VIP packages are typically available and offer various exclusive benefits, which you can check on the official ticketing site.

3. What should I do if a Luke Combs concert is sold out?

Look for verified resell options or join a waiting list in case more tickets become available later.

4. How long does a Luke Combs concert usually last?

A typical Luke Combs concert lasts about two to three hours, including any opening acts.

5. Are there any age restrictions for attending a Luke Combs tour event?

Age restrictions depend on the venue, so it's important to check their policies before buying tickets.


Luke Combs Tour Dates

Below is a comprehensive table of all the tour dates for Luke Combs' "Growin' Up and Gettin' Old Tour" in 2024, showcasing the cities and venues where he will be performing:


Date City Venue
04/12/2024 Milwaukee, WI American Family Field
04/13/2024 Milwaukee, WI American Family Field
04/19/2024 Orchard Park, NY Highmark Stadium
04/20/2024 Orchard Park, NY Highmark Stadium
04/27/2024 University Park, PA Beaver Stadium
05/03/2024 Jacksonville, FL EverBank Stadium
05/04/2024 Jacksonville, FL EverBank Stadium
05/10/2024 San Antonio, TX Alamodome
05/11/2024 San Antonio, TX Alamodome
05/17/2024 Santa Clara, CA Levi's Stadium
05/18/2024 Santa Clara, CA Levi's Stadium
05/31/2024 Glendale, AZ State Farm Stadium
06/01/2024 Glendale, AZ State Farm Stadium
06/07/2024 Salt Lake City, UT Rice Eccles Stadium
06/08/2024 Salt Lake City, UT Rice Eccles Stadium
06/14/2024 Inglewood, CA SoFi Stadium
06/15/2024 Inglewood, CA SoFi Stadium
07/11/2024 Shaunavon, SK, CA Country Thunder Saskatchewan Fairgrounds
07/19/2024 East Rutherford, NJ MetLife Stadium
07/20/2024 East Rutherford, NJ MetLife Stadium
07/26/2024 Landover, MD FedExField
07/27/2024 Landover, MD FedExField
08/02/2024 Cincinnati, OH Paycor Stadium
08/03/2024 Cincinnati, OH Paycor Stadium
08/09/2024 Houston, TX NRG Stadium
08/10/2024 Houston, TX NRG Stadium
08/16/2024 Calgary, AB, CA Fort Calgary


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