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Katt Williams Tour

Katt Williams Tour




A vibrant stage performance by Katt Williams surrounded by a cheering crowd.

Amid the buzz of upcoming entertainment, few events rival the excitement that a comedy tour stirred up by Katt Williams can muster. With an extensive background spanning two decades in delivering sharp-tongued humor and sell-out shows, fans have come to anticipate a level of wit and laughter that only Katt could provide.

As someone deeply immersed in the world of stand-up comedy and performance arts, my experience has taught me to recognize the electric atmosphere these tours create—a testament to their cultural impact.

Holding true to this legacy, Katt Williams' 2024 Tour is shaping up to be another monumental chapter in his career, with his Dark Matter Tour promising both fresh material and surprise guests set to captivate audiences across various cities.

This isn't just any return; it's a carefully crafted series of performances slated at locations like Bon Secours Wellness Arena on March 30—events no fan would want to miss out on.

Keep reading; every chuckle will be worth your while.


Key Takeaways

  • Katt Williams kicks off his 2024 Dark Matter Tour in February with tickets starting at $56, available on official ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster and
  • Special guests including Tommy Davidson, Mark Curry, Tacarra Williams, Pretty Ricki, and Red Grant will join him on stage for a dynamic comedy experience.
  • The tour promises fresh material and boundary-pushing humor as Katt continues to challenge audiences with his insightful commentary.
  • Anticipation is high among fans who are eager to secure their seats early; past performances by Katt have often resulted in sold-out venues due to his undeniable stage presence and laugh-inducing jokes.
  • In addition to stand - up comedy, Katt Williams has made significant strides as an actor and producer, impacting not just the entertainment industry but also setting new standards within the world of comedy.



Katt Williams Tour Dates & Schedule


Katt Williams performing on a stage with a diverse crowd.

Katt Williams is set to captivate audiences nationwide with his latest tour beginning in February 2024, featuring a schedule packed with must-see performances and surprises. With the anticipation building, fans can secure their tickets and find detailed event information to ensure they don't miss out on the laugh-filled experience Katt promises this season.




Tour begins in February 2024

Get ready for a wave of laughter and outrageous humor as the Katt Williams Tour kicks off this coming February. With the first show lighting up the stage at Legacy Arena at The BJCC in Birmingham, Alabama on February 24th, fans can expect an unforgettable evening filled with fresh jokes and electric energy.

The "The Dark Matter Tour" promises to showcase Williams' unparalleled wit and comedic genius.

As the tour unfolds, excitement builds with each announced stop. Additional performances include a much-anticipated appearance at Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall that same month. Fans in Tampa are in for a double dose of hilarity; due to high demand, a second show has been scheduled for Sunday, Feb.

4th. Those eager to be part of these live events should mark their calendars and secure tickets early, as sell-out crowds are predicted.

Each venue will buzz with anticipation as audiences gather to witness one of comedy's sharpest minds do what he does best—entertain! Don't miss out on securing your spot for an evening where every punchline hits home and every gag leaves you gasping for breath – it's time to experience Katt Williams live!


Exciting material and special guests promised

Get set for a laughter-packed evening as the Katt Williams 2024 Tour is prepared to deliver some of its most thrilling performances ever. Fans will revel in a fresh routine loaded with edgy humor and sharp wit that Katt Williams is known for.

Adding to the electric atmosphere, this tour isn't just about one man's comedic genius; it's also going to feature an exceptional lineup of special guests ready to bring down the house.

These gifted entertainers joining Katt on stage include Tommy Davidson, Mark Curry, Tacarra Williams, Pretty Ricki, and Red Grant who takes on hosting duties. With such diverse talent accompanying him, audiences can expect a dynamic show where each performance outdoes the last.

This squad ensures every ticket holder gets more than their money's worth—a unique blend of styles creating unforgettable nights filled with hearty belly laughs.

Tickets are your passport to witness comedy royalty on stage. Make sure you snag yours early—Katt Williams' events have been selling fast! Every date promises unmatched entertainment from hilarious personalities that transform any venue into the hottest spot in town.


Tickets and event information available

Securing your spot to catch Katt Williams live on his 2024 tour is simple and reliable. Head over to official ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster or, where you can purchase tickets starting at $56, with additional fees applicable.

These websites offer a comprehensive look at the Katt Williams schedule, ensuring fans find the best seats for their preferred dates. For those seeking deals on parking in bustling cities like Chicago and Los Angeles, options are readily available through these ticketing sites.

Vivid Seats is another great source for fans to get their hands on tickets for upcoming shows. Not only do they provide access to purchase passes, but they also give detailed information about the event lineup, cast members joining Katt Williams on tour, and the full itinerary of performances spanning various exciting venues.

The high demand for this wildly entertaining comedy experience means getting your tickets early ensures you won't miss out on an evening filled with laughter and surprises from one of comedy's most dynamic figures.


Katt Williams Live


Katt Williams performing comedy on stage at a packed club.

Experience the thrill of comedy as Katt Williams hits the stage with his Dark Matter Tour, set to deliver an electrifying mix of wit and humor that shatters expectations and leaves audiences in stitches.

Witness firsthand how Katt Williams, accompanied by top comedic talents, transforms a night out into an unforgettable burst of laughter and entertainment.




Dark Matter Tour promises to push boundaries and entertain

Expect the unexpected as Katt Williams takes comedy to new heights with his Dark Matter Tour. This isn't just another stand-up routine; it's a groundbreaking event that defies the usual limits of humor.

Fans will get an up-close look at Williams' genius as he dives into a variety of topics, delivering laugh after laugh while tackling everything from everyday life to the most controversial issues.

The Dark Matter Tour is designed to be more than just funny—it's meant to leave audiences thinking and talking long after they've left their seats. Each performance serves up Katt Williams’ signature style which blends sharp wit with insightful commentary about the world today.

His fearless approach ensures that no subject is off-limits, guaranteeing an evening filled with entertainment that both challenges and delights.

Katt Williams and his special guests are set to create unforgettable nights across America with shows packed full of fresh jokes and hilarious antics. As lights dim in crowded arenas, fans can anticipate a high-energy experience where laughter becomes the universal language, bridging gaps and pushing envelopes in ways only Katt Williams can masterfully accomplish.


Katt Williams and special guests bring laughter to audiences

Katt Williams lights up the stage with his quick wit and dynamic presence, ensuring that laughter echoes through the crowds at every stop of his 2024 tour. Special guests join him, each adding their unique flavor of humor, which creates a comedy kaleidoscope for all in attendance.

Fans can look forward to an evening bursting with chuckles, guffaws, and those side-splitting moments that only live comedy can deliver.

The "Dark Matter" tour has been met with waves of positive feedback from audiences nationwide. People leave theaters buzzing about Katt's latest jokes and memorable performances by both him and his handpicked comedic companions.

His shows are more than just stand-up; they're a showcase of comedic artistry designed to entertain fans who come expecting nothing less than an unforgettable experience.

With cities across the country gearing up for their chance to witness this comedy spectacle, anticipation builds for what promises to be another night full of uproarious entertainment.

The adventure continues as we explore where Katt Williams will bring his unparalleled brand of comedy next on the 2024 Tour Dates & Concert Schedule.


Katt Williams 2024 Tour Dates & Concert Schedule

Katt Williams is set to electrify audiences with laughter across a multitude of cities in his 2024 tour, showcasing a vibrant lineup at an array of prestigious venues. Devoted fans and newcomers alike are marking their calendars for what promises to be one of the most talked-about comedy tours of the year.




Cities and venues announced for 2024 tour

Get ready to catch the comedy king live in your city as the 2024 tour lineup ignites fan excitement. With stops at major venues including the H-E-B Center at Cedar Park, Atlantic City's vibrant stages in February, and the Van Andel Arena on May 11th, there's no shortage of opportunities to experience Katt Williams' electrifying performances.

Whether you're near Austin, TX or planning a night out in Bridgeport at the Total Mortgage Arena, mark your calendars for an unforgettable night of humor.

Audiences from coast to coast are buzzing with anticipation as more dates roll out, featuring a special evening at North Charleston Coliseum among others. Each venue selection promises an intimate setting where laughter fills the air and every seat is close enough to feel part of the action.

Make sure to grab your tickets early because seats to watch this legendary comedian are known to sell out fast!


Fans eagerly anticipating Katt Williams' return to the stage

Excitement reaches new heights as devoted fans mark their calendars for Katt Williams' 2024 tour dates. The buzz is palpable in cities across the country, where theaters will soon fill with laughter and applause.

Anticipation grows each day, with audiences ready to experience the energy and charisma that only Katt Williams can bring to a stage.

This nationwide journey promises an unforgettable evening of comedy as fans prepare to welcome back one of stand-up's true masters. Tickets are expected to be snatched up quickly by those eager to witness "The Dark Matter Tour" and be part of the thrilling atmosphere.

Fans share their excitement on social media, swapping stories of past performances and speculating about the fresh material Katt Williams has in store.

As Katt Williams gears up for his return, he stands poised to deliver yet another series of groundbreaking shows, leaving ticket holders counting down until the lights dim and the curtain rises.

Those lucky enough to secure a spot at these events know they're in for more than just laughs; they’re set to become part of comedy history.


What to Expect at a Katt Williams Performance

Attendees at a Katt Williams performance can brace themselves for an electrifying night of cutting-edge humor, where his signature blend of insightful commentary and energetic delivery consistently leaves audiences in stitches.

His history of sold-out shows teases the promise that each night on this tour will be a unique experience filled with unforgettable moments and laughter.


High-energy comedy and boundary-pushing jokes

Expect to be on the edge of your seat at a Katt Williams 2024 tour performance. His unique brand of high-energy comedy guarantees an unforgettable experience with every punchline delivered.

Katt's no-holds-barred approach ensures that his shows are filled with boundary-pushing jokes that will have you both shocked and laughing out loud. Known for his unapologetic humor, he challenges audiences to think while they're being entertained, making each show more than just a string of jokes.

Katt Williams doesn't shy away from the controversial or confrontational, and this has cemented him as a legend in comedy circles. The laughs keep coming as he takes real-world issues and spins them into comedic gold.

Each ticket promises not only a night full of laughter but also unexpected twists that make live comedy thrilling. Get ready for a night where anything can happen next – just don’t forget your tickets! Moving forward, let's dive into what people are saying about previous performances by Katt Williams.


Previous shows have received rave reviews

Continuing from the unbridled energy and sharp wit that Katt Williams is known for, his previous performances have set a high bar. Audiences across the nation have been captivated by his dynamic delivery and candid humor, often leaving theaters with rave reviews about their experience.

These commendations highlight not just the laughter-filled atmosphere but also Katt's ability to connect with fans through relatable storytelling and explosive punchlines.

Critics too have noticed the magic of a Katt Williams show; they've praised his unique take on topics ranging from everyday life to social commentary. Even though some noted recent shows didn't quite reach the peaks of his earlier work, there's no denying that every tour stop brings moments of genuine hilarity that resonate with crowds long after the curtains close.

Fans eager for tickets to Katt Williams' 2024 tour anticipate more of these unforgettable experiences as he returns to center stage in cities around the country.


The Evolution of Katt Williams

Katt Williams has seamlessly transitioned from a stand-up sensation to a multi-faceted entertainer, making significant strides as an actor and producer. His indelible mark on comedy emanates not only from his punchlines but also from his pioneering influence within the entertainment industry.


From stand-up comedian to successful actor and producer

Katt Williams took the world by storm with his razor-sharp wit and dynamic presence on stage. His journey began in small comedy clubs where he honed his craft, delivering punchlines that had audiences rolling in the aisles.

These humble beginnings laid the groundwork for a career marked by versatility and success beyond stand-up comedy.

His transition to acting was seamless, capturing hearts as Money Mike in "Friday After Next" and showcasing his undeniable talent on screen. This role not only brought him fame but also revealed his capacity to create memorable characters that resonate with viewers.

From there, he forged ahead, taking control of his creative destiny by stepping into production roles, shaping content that reflected both his comedic vision and an understanding of what makes people laugh.

Embracing every challenge along the way, Williams expanded his influence within the industry. His achievements are a testament to hard work and adaptability—proving that a comedian's insight can translate into powerful storytelling across multiple forms of media.

With each project he takes on, whether live performance or behind-the-scenes production, he brings humor's transformative power into new arenas while continuously surprising fans around the globe.


Katt Williams' impact on the comedy world

Katt Williams has truly left an indelible mark on the world of comedy. With his electric energy and sharp wit, he commands audiences' laughter like few others can. His journey from a young stand-up comedian to a revered figure in American entertainment speaks volumes about his influence.

Over 10 years, Williams has not only filled theaters but also contributed significantly to Hollywood's landscape.

His work goes beyond live performances; it encompasses critically acclaimed specials like "The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1," which have solidified his status as a comedic powerhouse. Onstage, he blends side-splitting humor with keen social commentary, redefining the limits of stand-up comedy with each show.

This evolution underscores how Williams doesn't just perform; he transforms the comedic experience for those who watch him, inspiring upcoming comedians and setting new standards within the industry.


Other Artists on Tour in 2024

While Katt Williams headlines his anticipated 2024 tour, the comedy scene continues to buzz with performances from other renowned comedians. If you're on the lookout for more laughter-filled nights, exploring shows from these leading funny folks is a must for any comedy enthusiast.


A list of big-name comedians currently on tour

Comedy lovers are in for a treat as some of the biggest names in stand-up hit the road, ready to deliver their sharpest jokes and stories. Jerry Seinfeld brings his signature observational humor to cities nationwide, turning everyday quirks into laugh-out-loud moments.

Fans of witty storytelling can catch Kevin Hart on his latest tour where his energetic style and hilarious personal anecdotes leave audiences in stitches.

Joining the list, Tom Segura showcases his dry wit and unique perspective at various venues across the country. His clever takes on life's absurdities make each show unforgettable.

Pete Davidson's raw honesty and youthful edge add a different flavor to the comedy scene; he connects with fans through tales of fame and heartache. With so many great comedians touring this year, laughter will be echoing from coast to coast as these stars light up stages everywhere they go.

Tickets for all shows prove hot commodities, so comedy enthusiasts should secure their places soon to witness these masters of mirth live. Each performance promises an evening filled with sharp punchlines and unstoppable laughter—a perfect way to forget your worries and enjoy a night out.

Whether you're looking for classic humor or contemporary takes on today’s issues, this lineup is sure not to disappoint any fan eager for quality entertainment.


Recommended shows for fans of Katt Williams

Continuing from the excitement of current comedy tours, fans of Katt Williams have a great selection of shows to choose from. If you're enjoying Katt Williams' humor and style, you might want to check out Dave Chappelle's performances.

Known for his sharp wit and fearless commentary, Chappelle's stand-up routines are sure to resonate with those who appreciate Katt’s brand of comedy.

Another must-see is Kevin Hart's "Reality Check" tour. His energetic storytelling and relatable jokes deliver a high-powered comedic experience that parallels the vibrant atmosphere found at Katt Williams 2024 Tour dates.

Each show promises laughter-filled evenings packed with fresh material that challenges the status quo in similar ways to what you'd expect from a night watching Katt.

For something slightly different yet equally entertaining, Tiffany Haddish brings her unique flair to stages around the country. Her spirited performances combine charisma and candidness, crafting an unforgettable night out for anyone seeking more top-tier comedic talent after attending a performance on The Dark Matter Tour featuring Katt Williams.

Keep an eye on event dates near you so you don't miss these exhilarating acts live!



Get ready to experience the electric atmosphere of a Katt Williams performance live in 2024. Fasten your seatbelts for an evening packed with high-voltage comedy that will leave you laughing long after the show ends.

Secure your tickets early, and join fans across the country eager for Katt Williams' return. Embrace yourself for a show that's more than just comedy—it's an event you won't soon forget.

Make sure you're part of this unforgettable tour; it's time to get your dose of laughter and excitement!



1. When is the Katt Williams 2024 Tour starting?

Katt Williams' 2024 Tour kicks off this spring, with event dates and venues listed on his official website.

2. Where can I find tickets for a Katt Williams show?

Tickets for the Katt Williams tour are available online. Check ticket platforms or the official tour page to purchase yours today.

3. Are there different types of tickets for the Katt Williams events?

Yes, there are various ticket options ranging from standard entry to VIP experiences for the Katt Williams 2024 Tour.

4. Will new dates be added to the Katt Williams tour schedule?

Keep an eye on updates; additional dates might be included based on demand and scheduling possibilities.



Katt Williams Tour Dates

The "2023 and Me" tour spans several months and covers a wide range of cities. Here's a complete overview of the tour dates and venues:


Date City Venue
12/28/2023 Bakersfield, CA Mechanics Bank Theater
12/29/2023 Ontario, CA Toyota Arena - CA
12/30/2023 Las Vegas, NV Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
12/31/2023 Fresno, CA Save Mart Center
01/12/2024 Cedar Park, TX HEB Center at Cedar Park
01/14/2024 Estero, FL Hertz Arena
01/19/2024 Huntsville, AL Propst Arena at the Von Braun Center
01/26/2024 Tupelo, MS Cadence Bank Arena
01/27/2024 Charlotte, NC Bojangles Coliseum
02/02/2024 Orlando, FL Addition Financial Arena
02/03/2024 Tampa, FL Yuengling Center
02/09/2024 Bridgeport, CT Total Mortgage Arena
02/10/2024 Albany, NY MVP Arena
02/16/2024 Raleigh, NC PNC Arena
02/17/2024 Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk Hall
02/18/2024 Richmond, VA Altria Theater
02/23/2024 Columbia, SC Colonial Life Arena
02/24/2024 Birmingham, AL Legacy Arena at The BJCC
03/01/2024 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum Complex
03/02/2024 Tallahassee, FL Donald Tucker Center at Leon County Civic Center
03/08/2024 Grand Prairie, TX Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie
03/09/2024 New Orleans, LA UNO Lakefront Arena
03/15/2024 Oklahoma City, OK Paycom Center
03/16/2024 St. Louis, MO Chaifetz Arena
03/22/2024 Mobile, AL Mobile Civic Center Arena
03/23/2024 North Little Rock, AR Simmons Bank Arena
03/29/2024 North Charleston, SC North Charleston Coliseum
03/30/2024 Greenville, SC Bon Secours Wellness Arena
04/05/2024 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
04/06/2024 Indianapolis, IN Indiana Farmers Coliseum
04/12/2024 Louisville, KY KFC Yum Center
04/19/2024 Jacksonville, FL Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena
04/20/2024 Nashville, TN Bridgestone Arena
04/26/2024 Cleveland, OH Wolstein Center at CSU
04/27/2024 Cincinnati, OH Heritage Bank Center
05/10/2024 Des Moines, IA Wells Fargo Arena - Des Moines
05/11/2024 Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena


This table provides a comprehensive overview of all the dates, cities, and venues for the "2023 and Me" tour.

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