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John Mulaney Tour

John Mulaney Tour




A vintage microphone on a stage with diverse performers.

Navigating the world of live comedy can often be as unpredictable as the punchlines that grace its stages. As an aficionado of laughter and stand-up craftsmanship, I've tracked countless tours and performances across the country, gaining insight into what makes a comedy show truly unforgettable.

Amongst such notable acts stands John Mulaney, whose masterful blend of wit and narrative has not only earned him accolades but also a fervent following eager to catch his act live.

In light of this comedic renaissance man's announcement for his 2024 Tour, fans are abuzz with anticipation. With Emmy and Grammy triumphs in his repertoire, Mulaney promises more than just chuckles; he delivers evenings etched with humor that resonates.

The addition of high-profile shows—including one to remember on New Year's Eve—solidifies his tour as a premier entertainment event. Discover what awaits at every stop as we delve into the essence of John Mulaney's craft—a promise penned by someone who knows laughter is serious business.

Get ready for mirth!


Key Takeaways

  • John Mulaney's 2024 tour stops include major cities like Chicago, Lincoln, Los Angeles, and Foxwoods, with rescheduled dates available for fans who had to adjust plans.
  • Tickets are easy to obtain through Ticketmaster starting at $49.00 with features like mobile tickets and customer support.
  • Celebrity guests sometimes join him on stage, offering more than just comedy but a complete entertainment experience.
  • Fans rave about his relatable humor and personal stories that turn into comedic gold, especially in popular past performances at venues such as Etess Arena and Live! Casino & Hotel.
  • Upcoming shows promise new material mixed with sharp wit, making each performance an eagerly awaited event by audiences nationwide.



John Mulaney's 2024 Tour Schedule


John Mulaney performs on stage to a lively crowd at a historic theater.

John Mulaney's 2024 tour is set to captivate audiences across the nation with his sharp wit and clever storytelling. Fans eagerly await as he brings his distinctive brand of humor to iconic venues, revealing a schedule that promises unforgettable nights of laughter.




Upcoming shows in Chicago, Lincoln, Los Angeles, and Foxwoods

Get ready to mark your calendars for the John Mulaney 2024 Tour, hitting cities with his signature blend of wit and humor. Excitement is building as fans anticipate his arrival in four major locations.


  • Chicago Crowds Gear Up: The windy city prepares to welcome John Mulaney with open arms for a night of laughter. His show is a must-see at the famous Chicago Theatre, where the vibrant atmosphere matches his dynamic performance.
  • Lincoln's Rescheduled Treat: Fans in Lincoln have an extra reason to be excited. After a postponement, they're getting a second chance to catch this Emmy and Grammy award-winner live. The rescheduled show promises all the humor and heart fans expect from Mulaney.
  • Los Angeles Laughs Await: The city of angels is on high alert for comedy gold as John Mulaney takes the stage at the iconic Dolby Theatre. Angelenos can look forward to an evening filled with jokes that hit home and stories that resonate with everyone.
  • Foxwoods' Fantastic Evening: Rounding out these hotspots, Foxwoods Resort Casino is setting up for an unforgettable event. Audiences there will be treated to what could only be described as a comedic jackpot, right in the heart of one of the world's largest casinos.



Rescheduled show in Lincoln

Moving from the string of exciting dates on John Mulaney's tour, fans in Lincoln have a revised date to mark on their calendars. The show originally set for January 25 at The Venue at Thunder Valley has been moved to April 19, 2024.

This change allows attendees more time to prepare for an unforgettable night of comedy with one of today's most celebrated stand-up artists.

Ticket holders should note that tickets purchased for the initial date remain valid for the rescheduled performance, ensuring a seamless transition to the new schedule. Excitement continues as another evening with John Mulaney remains planned without hiccup; his second Lincoln show at Thunder Valley will proceed as expected.

These performances are part of a series of ongoing standup dates packed with humor and wit that define Mulaney’s shows.

For those looking to experience John Mulaney’s signature blend of insightful storytelling and sharp humor, securing your spot is essential. Ensure you’ve got your John Mulaney tickets updated and ready — this reshuffled event promises all the laughter and entertainment his tours are known for, now just on a new spring date in Lincoln!


About John Mulaney


A vintage microphone on stage with a bustling cityscape background.

John Mulaney's exceptional wit and comedic genius have secured his place as a standout stand-up comedian and writer, earning him accolades such as Emmy and Grammy awards. His astute observations and storytelling finesse captivate audiences, making every show an unforgettable experience.




Stand-up comedian and writer

With a keen sense of humor and a sharp wit, Mulaney grabs the spotlight as one of today's most gifted stand-up comedians and writers. His time on the "Saturday Night Live" writing team not only honed his comedic talents but also earned him Emmys and Writers Guild of America awards.

His personal projects showcase his range as he pivots from crafting jokes to creating characters that resonate with audiences everywhere.

Mulaney's success lies in storytelling that blends insightful observations with relatable life experiences, making his routines hit home for many fans. Attendees at John Mulaney shows can look forward to an evening filled with laughter as they witness the genius of this accomplished comedian firsthand.

Next up, let’s dive into what you should expect when attending one of these entertaining performances.


Emmy and Grammy award winner

John Mulaney stands out in the world of comedy with his sharp wit and exceptional talent. His achievements include snagging both an Emmy and a Grammy, highlighting just how versatile and compelling his performances are.

Fans know him for his brilliant stand-up sets as well as his memorable voice work, which has earned him top-tier accolades in the entertainment industry.

His knack for crafting clever jokes and captivating storytelling led to a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics back at the 2011 Emmys—a testament to his multifaceted skills.

Being associated with prestigious winners like Barack Obama and Carol Burnett showcases the high regard in which he’s held within comedic circles. Despite joking about winning an Emmy due to a misunderstanding alongside Seth Meyers, there’s no doubt that John Mulaney's success is built on solid ground.

As you enjoy reflections on John Mulaney's decorated career, prepare yourself for what's next: an uproarious experience full of laughter at one of his live shows detailed in "What to Expect at a John Mulaney Show."


What to Expect at a John Mulaney Show

When attending a John Mulaney show, audiences are treated to an experience that's as witty as it is relatable, with his sharp humor slicing through everyday observations to deliver a night of unforgettable comedy.

This unparalleled entertainment stems from Mulaney’s well-crafted storytelling ability and perfectly timed delivery, ensuring every performance is brimming with laughter.




Hilarious and entertaining performance

Prepare for a night of non-stop laughter with John Mulaney's brilliantly crafted jokes and stories. His performances effortlessly blend smart humor with his unique insights on marriage, relationships, and life’s day-to-day quirks.

Audiences everywhere rave about how Mulaney turns even the most mundane topics into side-splitting comedy. You'll be treated to fresh material that reveals his authentic self while maintaining that signature wit which has earned him Emmys and Grammys.

It's this hilarious delivery that leaves fans eager for more long after the show ends, making each tour stop a sought-after event. Get ready to witness one of today's most engaging comedians as he brings down the house at every venue on his schedule.

And if you think that's exciting, just wait until you find out who might join him on stage at these shows!


Positive reviews from fans

Fans everywhere can't stop talking about John Mulaney's latest tour. They rave about his sharp wit and ability to turn personal struggles into comedic gold on stage. After experiencing his shows, many describe him as a comedy genius, highlighting how he deftly mixes stories of addiction and recovery with his signature charm.

His recent stint "Baby J" has been met with applause for its raw yet laugh-out-loud take on life's curveballs.

Audience members leave Mulaney's performances feeling like they've witnessed something special. Laughter rings out through venues as he delivers fresh material alongside famous friends such as Pete Davidson and Jon Stewart.

Loyal followers appreciate that even when faced with challenges, Mulaney never fails to provide an evening full of entertainment and top-tier humor that resonates long after the show ends.


Who to Expect at a John Mulaney Show

At a John Mulaney show, you're not just witnessing one comedy genius; the audience is often graced with appearances from iconic figures across the entertainment industry that elevate the laughter and experience.


Celebrity guests such as Billy Joel and Kevin Hart

John Mulaney's performances have always been a magnet for laughter and unexpected surprises. His shows often feature appearances from renowned figures that add an extra layer of excitement to the night.

Imagine sitting in the audience, chuckling at John’s latest story, only to have music legend Billy Joel walk out and take a seat at the piano or Kevin Hart stride on stage with his infectious energy.

Celebrity cameos bring a unique twist to each show and create memorable experiences for fans. With big names like Kevin Hart joining John Mulaney on stage, you know you're in for more than just stand-up comedy – it’s a full-fledged entertainment extravaganza.

As part of the star-studded Netflix is a Joke Festival roster in 2024, Mulaney will share the limelight with top-tier talent from across different industry spheres.

Securing your spot at one of these events means not only enjoying John Mulaney's razor-sharp wit but also potentially witnessing powerhouse performances and collaborations live. The presence of these celebrities hints at unscripted moments that blend humor, storytelling, and maybe even some music into an unforgettable tour stop.

Don't miss your chance to see what surprises John has up his sleeve; check out his event dates online now!


How to Get Tickets

Discover the ease of securing your spot at a John Mulaney show with streamlined ticket access; stay tuned to learn how you can join the laughter-filled audiences that this acclaimed comedian draws.


Sign up for updates on upcoming shows

Get the latest news on John Mulaney's tour dates straight to your inbox. Fans eager for a night filled with laughter can sign up for email newsletters and receive exclusive content, including early access to new music and videos surrounding his shows.

Stay in the know about when tickets go on sale, so you can secure your seat without delay.

Ensure you never miss an opportunity to see John Mulaney live. Subscribers get first dibs on pre-sale offers, giving them a head start before the general public rushes in. Whether it’s Chicago or Los Angeles calling your name, signing up keeps you one step ahead for every laugh-packed event on the schedule.


Purchase tickets through Ticketmaster

Getting your hands on tickets for John Mulaney's tour is easy and secure through Ticketmaster, the official ticketing partner. With just a few clicks, you can find available seats for any of the listed tour dates or events.

Remember that prices start at $49.00 for his show at Bryce Jordan Center—with no hidden fees, what you see is what you pay.

Ticketmaster offers convenient features like mobile-only tickets to make sure entry is as smooth as possible on the day of the event. For peace of mind, they also provide customer service support if you run into any issues while purchasing your tickets.

And should plans change, their Face Value Ticket Exchange allows fans to sell tickets safely and easily.

Excitement builds around each performance and availability may vary depending on location—so act fast! Secure your spot in the audience and prepare for an evening filled with laughter and entertainment by John Mulaney himself.

Looking ahead, let's explore some popular shows and performances from previous tours that have left audiences craving more hilarious stand-up moments.


Popular Shows and Performances

Delve into the captivating highlights of John Mulaney's past performances, and amp up your anticipation for what his next tour stops will offer on stage.


Highlights from previous shows

John Mulaney has left audiences in stitches with his sharp wit and relatable humor. His previous performances have been memorable, showcasing his unique comedic style.


  • Laughter echoed throughout the Etess Arena at Hard Rock Hotel as John Mulaney delivered a stand - up monologue that had fans repeating jokes for days.
  • At Live! Casino & Hotel in Maryland, attendees experienced a night of non - stop giggles as Mulaney brought his signature blend of storytelling and insightful comedy to life.
  • The Portland shows were so sought - after that an additional performance had to be added, satisfying more fans eager to witness Mulaney's humor firsthand.
  • Spectators became part of the excitement during the Atlantic City show where Pete Davidson and Jon Stewart joined Mulaney for an unforgettable night of laughter and fun.
  • Viewers praised Mulaney’s involvement in Documentary Now!, appreciating the clever writing he contributed to this beloved mockumentary series as they got a taste of his behind-the-scenes talent live on stage.
  • Every joke and anecdote shared by the Emmy and Grammy award-winning comedian solidified why John Mulaney is one of today's leading figures in the world of stand-up comedy.



Excitement for upcoming performances

After reliving the unforgettable moments from past shows, fans are brimming with anticipation for what's next on John Mulaney's calendar. Theater marquees in major cities buzz as they prepare to showcase his wit and charm.

Every performance promises a blend of sharp humor and unexpected twists that have audiences eager to experience it live.

The chatter online and around town is all about securing a seat at one of the highly awaited events. With positive feedback pouring in for his authentic style, there's no doubt these performances will be talk-of-the-town spectacles.

Audiences across the nation can't wait to join in on the laughter as John Mulaney hits the stage, turning ordinary evenings into memorable nights filled with comedy gold.



Catch the wave of laughter with John Mulaney as he brings his acclaimed comedy to cities across America. Secure your spot at one of his shows for an unforgettable night packed with sharp wit and brilliant humor.

Experience firsthand why audiences can't get enough of this comedic powerhouse. Don't wait – grab your tickets today and join in on the fun that everyone is talking about!



1. Where can I find the schedule for John Mulaney's tour?

You can check out John Mulaney's official website or ticket platforms to see his tour dates and schedule.

2. Will John Mulaney have any tour events near me?

To find out if there are any event dates close to you, look at his full schedule posted online and filter it by your location.

3. How do I get tickets for a John Mulaney show?

Tickets for John Mulaney shows are available online—just pick the show from his tour list that works best for you and follow the prompts to purchase.

4. Are new dates being added to the John Mulaney tour?

John Mulaney sometimes adds new shows to his lineup, so keep an eye on updates through email alerts or social media announcements.


John Mulaney Tour Dates

Embark on a laughter-filled journey with John Mulaney and Pete Davidson as they tour across America. From the energetic streets of New Orleans to the sunny shores of Florida, each stop offers a unique blend of comedy and culture. Below is a detailed table of all the tour dates, cities, and venues, ensuring fans can easily find a show near them.


Date City Venue
12/03/2023 University Park, PA Bryce Jordan Center
12/08/2023 Biloxi, MS Mississippi Coast Coliseum
12/09/2023 New Orleans, LA Mahalia Jackson Theater of the Performing Arts
12/14/2023 Tampa, FL Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino - Tampa
12/15/2023 Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Live - Hollywood
12/16/2023 Charlotte, NC Ovens Auditorium
12/21/2023 Rosemont, IL Rosemont Theatre
12/22/2023 Rosemont, IL Rosemont Theatre
12/31/2023 Phoenix, AZ Arizona Financial Theatre
01/11/2024 Milwaukee, WI Miller High Life Theatre
01/12/2024 St. Louis, MO Fabulous Fox Theatre - St. Louis
01/13/2024 St. Louis, MO Fabulous Fox Theatre - St. Louis
01/20/2024 Thackerville, OK WinStar World Casino
01/25/2024 Lincoln, CA The Venue at Thunder Valley Casino Resort
01/26/2024 Lincoln, CA The Venue at Thunder Valley Casino Resort


Make sure to mark your calendars and secure your tickets for an evening of comedy that you won't forget!

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