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  is your best source for Garth Brooks meet and greet tickets and more! Whether you are looking for meet and greet tickets for a one-of-a-kind event experience, or just looking for the best available tickets for your budget, has the Garth Brooks tickets for you. See the menu below for the complete list of upcoming Garth Brooks events, or use the search bar to find the exact tickets you are looking for! All ticket availability and pricing on are updated in real time, all the time, to offer you the best Garth Brooks ticket selection possible!


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    When it comes to singers and solo-artists specifically, there is only one name that comes to mind.  He is a multi-platinum recording artist second only to the Beatles, has sold over one hundred and seventy million records, is popular in country, pop and rock and has sold out concerts all over the world.  The artist in question is the one and only Garth Brooks.


    His Music

    Garth Brooks has released, as of 2019, twenty two records.  Out of these records, seven of them have reached diamond status.  The only other band in history to achieve this level of success was the Beatles, who stand at six diamond status albums.

    The album “Double Live” is his highest ranking album with a whopping 21x platinum status.  The one below that was “No Fences” reaching a platinum status of 17x. 


    Family vs Fame

    Married to music legend Trisha Yearwood Garth decided that he needed to retire from 2001 to 2005. Throughout his hiatus, however, he was still drawn to the call of music.  During this time in his life he entered into an exclusive deal with Walmart and spotted the landscape with a few singles.  Even though he was present, his main focus was his family.


    Private Concerts

    In 2009 Garth Brooks tickets came out and he began to tease the fans with random weekend residency concerts in Las Vegas.  These concerts were dubbed “Garth and Wynn”, usually performing to sold out audiences with lots of Garth Brooks VIP Passes.


    Comeback Tour

    In 2014 he decided to start his comeback world tour.  This tour would however include his family, and have a number of Garth Brooks VIP Package options available.  The legendary Trisha Yearwood would accompany him on this tour even performing live with him in certain venues. Garth Brooks tickets for the World Tour concert continued to sell well into 2019.


    In 2011 Garth Brooks was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, only to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame a year later in 2012.  As of 2019 his latest publicly released album titled “Gunslinger” hit the shelves and people started chasing after Garth Brooks Meet and Greet Tickets again.


    Experience Garth for Yourself

    Before he goes back into retirement, for good this time, visit  When trying to get a Garth Brooks Hospitality Package, you will quickly discover that they can be hard to get.  Every show he does sells out months in advance.  This is why not only can you get great Garth Brooks tickets on, but you might also be able to get a Garth Brooks Backstage Pass, or even a Garth Brooks Fan Package.  Don’t miss out on these great deals.


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