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Elevation Worship Tour

Elevation Worship Tour



A vibrant stage with musicians performing in a bustling atmosphere.

Embarking on a journey with Elevation Worship isn't just about music—it's a transformative encounter that elevates the soul. With years of experience immersed in Christian worship communities and countless hours attending and analyzing live events, I've observed firsthand how these collective moments of praise can reshape hearts and chart new spiritual courses.

Elevation Worship, renowned for their dynamic soundscapes that intertwine heartfelt devotion with melodic prowess, is no exception to this powerful ritual.

Anticipation builds as the Elevation Worship 2024 Tour approaches; fans eagerly await an environment where voices join in unison to echo 'Same God' and other beloved anthems. This tour promises not only auditory bliss but also inspiring teachings from Pastor Steven Furtick—a combination set to ignite faith within thousands.

Discover why each event is more than just a concert; it's an opportunity for renewal and communal celebration. Read on, uplifted spirits ahead!


Key Takeaways

  • Elevation Worship tours offer a combination of music and spiritual messages from Pastor Steven Furtick, providing attendees with not just a concert but also a renewal experience.
  • Tickets for the Elevation Worship 2024 Tour are in high demand, often selling out quickly due to their growing popularity and the engaging atmosphere created at their events.
  • Special guests on the tour enhance the worship experience with collaborations that aren’t available on albums or streaming services, including surprise appearances by well-known Christian artists.
  • The band emphasizes rehearsals to ensure seamless performances across various cities, with meticulous preparation for every aspect of live shows.
  • Fans can purchase tickets through Ticketmaster and should act fast as shows tend to sell out; keeping an eye on official announcements regarding tour dates is recommended.



About Elevation Worship


A beautiful sunrise over a mountain landscape with diverse people.

Elevation Worship, acclaimed for their dynamic blend of worship and contemporary music, has captured the hearts of many with their passionate performances. This group's ascent in the Christian music scene reflects a commitment to producing songs that resonate with believers worldwide.





The heart of Elevation Worship stems from its talented ensemble, including celebrated individuals like Chris Brown and Brandon Lake. These artists bring a distinct energy to the stage, captivating audiences with their musical prowess and deep passion for worship.

Jonsal Barrientes, Jenna Barrientes, Tiffany Hudson, Davide Mutendji, and Isaiah Templeton round out this dynamic group. Each member contributes unique vocals and instrumental skills that define the collective's sound.

Fans often remark on the powerful concerts led by these musicians who seamlessly blend vocal harmony with spirited performances. Their individual stories and journeys to Elevation Worship create a rich tapestry that resonates throughout their music.

As they prepare for another inspiring tour across various cities, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate experiencing the uplifting atmosphere crafted by this skilled team of worship leaders.

With each event date revealing more than just musical talent but also spiritual leadership, expecting attendees look forward to not only songs but also an encounter that could rejuvenate their faith.

The synergy between these members fosters an environment where melodies elevate spirits and communal worship is at the forefront—a core reason why scores flock to see them during every tour season.



Having met the talented members of Elevation Worship, let's delve into the roots of this influential band. Elevation Worship began as the worship team for Elevation Church in 2006 and quickly became much more than just a church ensemble.

Within a year, they founded their own music group and started creating sounds that would resonate with congregations far beyond their home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Their dedication to crafting powerful spiritual anthems led them to release four independent albums before catching the attention of a major record label. Growth mirrored success; by 2013, nearly 15,000 people were flocking weekly to experience what had become a phenomenon within worship music circles.

Having graced various stages across countriesElevation Worship tours have drawn fans eager to share in these uplifting performances. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Elevation Worship tour dates and experience first-hand why this band continues to inspire so many around the globe.


Style of music

Elevation Worship brings a dynamic style to their music, mixing contemporary worship with the anthemic punch of pop-rock. Their songs are crafted to resonate deeply with audiences, featuring rock and electronic dance music (EDM) influences alongside traditional Christian pop sounds.

Fans appreciate the group's innovative approach to worship that pays homage to influential bands like U2 while creating an entirely new worship experience. This distinctive sound has helped Elevation Worship carve out a unique spot in the hearts of listeners looking for uplifting, powerful spiritual music.

Their upcoming tour promises not just energetic performances but also moments of deep connection through music that ranges from high-energy praise anthems to introspective ballads.

Make sure you keep an eye on Elevation Worship tour dates so you don't miss out on experiencing their groundbreaking sound live. Next up: get ready for an exciting lineup of cities and special guests as we dive into what's coming on the Elevation Worship 2024 Tour!


Upcoming Tour Dates


A large crowd is worshipping at a concert.

Elevation Worship embarks on an inspirational journey, bringing their soul-stirring music to fans across various cities with a lineup of performances designed to uplift and energize audiences.

Stay tuned for exclusive details on where you can join them for an unforgettable worship experience.




Cities and venues

Get ready to experience the inspiring performances of the Elevation Worship Tour as it travels to cities nationwide. Fans can expect an evening filled with passionate music and deeply moving worship sessions.


  • Kicking off in vibrant Atlanta, Georgia, worshippers will gather at the renowned State Farm Arena for a night of praise and celebration.
  • Heading north, Boston's Agganis Arena opens its doors to provide an intimate yet explosive setting for powerful melodies and sermons.
  • The tour reaches new heights at New York City's legendary Madison Square Garden, promising an unforgettable experience under the bright lights.
  • Chicago's creditworthy Wintrust Arena joins the lineup, offering attendees in the Windy City a chance to unite in fellowship and song.
  • Over on the West Coast, Los Angeles' Staples Center stands ready to host this incredible event, ensuring that every note resonates through its iconic halls.
  • Moving inland, Denver's Ball Arena prepares for an uplifting evening amidst Colorado's scenic beauty.
  • In Dallas, Texas, expectant fans will fill the American Airlines Center with energy and anticipation for a night to remember.
  • As mentioned earlier, Kansas City welcomes Elevation Worship at the T - Mobile Center on April 22nd – mark your calendars for this significant date.
  • Last but certainly not least, Las Vegas hosts a spectacular finale at the T - Mobile Arena where neon lights meet heavenly sounds.



Special guests

As the Elevation Worship tour travels to cities across the country, excitement builds not just for the main act, but also for the talented artists joining them on stage. Ensuring an unforgettable experience, these special guests bring their own unique flair to each event.


  • Each concert will feature a range of acclaimed Christian artists known for their powerful voices and inspirational music. These guest performers often collaborate with Elevation Worship, creating a seamless blend of worship styles.
  • Expect surprise appearances by some of Christian music's top talents. While specific names are announced closer to individual dates, past tours have included well-known figures who elevate the worship experience.
  • Special musical collaborations are planned throughout the tour. This includes unique duets and group performances that you won't find on any album or streaming service.
  • Pastor Steven Furtick, renowned for his dynamic preaching style, often invites fellow pastors and speakers to share the stage. Their messages resonate deeply with audiences seeking spiritual growth along with musical inspiration.
  • Local worship bands may get their moment in the spotlight as well. Elevation Worship supports emerging artists by giving them exposure in front of large audiences.



Preaching by Pastor Steven Furtick

Moving from the excitement of special guest performances, fans can also look forward to the inspiring preaching of Pastor Steven Furtick during the Elevation Worship tour. As the founder and Lead Pastor of Elevation Church, his dynamic messages have captivated audiences worldwide.

Attendees will experience a worship event that encompasses not only music but also powerful sermons tailored to uplift and challenge everyone in attendance.

Pastor Furtick's reputation reaches far beyond the pulpit, with a substantial social media presence where he shares snippets of wisdom and faith with followers daily. His involvement adds another layer to this tour, making it more than just a concert; it’s an opportunity for spiritual renewal and encouragement through words rooted in biblical truths.

This unique blend of worship songs and motivational preaching creates an unparalleled atmosphere that resonates deeply with fans both old and new.


Past Concert Reviews

Past Concert Reviews: Dive into the sea of voices from fans who've experienced the transformative power of Elevation Worship's live performances, and discover what makes their concerts a must-attend event.




Positive feedback

Fans consistently rave about the transformative experience they have at Elevation Worship events. Attendees often leave feeling renewed and full of praise for the powerful combination of hit songs performed live and the moving sermons delivered by Pastor Steven Furtick.

Their testimonies speak volumes; many describe Elevation Nights as much more than a concert – it's an event that touches hearts and sometimes even alters lives.

The impact of these worship events echoes across various platforms, with people sharing stories of how one night spent in the presence of this vibrant worship team has ignited their faith or helped them through difficult times.

The heartfelt gratitude that overflows from these reviews is a testament to the band’s influence and serves as encouragement for others seeking similar spiritual nourishment.

With each tour date announced, anticipation builds among fans eager to partake in what has been described time and again as a life-changing evening. As music intertwines with message, the strength of community forms amongst those gathered, each person leaving with their spirits lifted and voices ready to spread positive feedback about their unforgettable encounter at an Elevation Worship tour event.


Highlights from previous tours

Elevation Worship tours have consistently left audiences in awe with incredible moments that go beyond music. These experiences create lasting memories for attendees, and here are some highlights from past events:


  • Concertgoers often rave about the powerful atmosphere at Elevation Worship's concerts. The combination of moving music and spiritual energy makes for a deeply emotional experience.
  • Audiences witnessed something remarkable when spontaneous worship sessions broke out during the concerts. These unplanned moments added a unique touch to each show, making them unforgettable.
  • The visual production quality is another aspect that frequently receives praise. Bright lights, impactful videos, and stage design complement the band's performances perfectly.
  • Fans treasure the times Pastor Steven Furtick joined Elevation Worship onstage. His sermons brought an extra layer of inspiration and connected the music to a profound message.
  • Personal testimonials shared by individuals during some tour stops touched many hearts. These stories brought home the impact of faith and community in people's lives.
  • A highlight for many was the communal singing where voices of thousands unified in worship. This sense of togetherness defines the Elevation Worship tour experience.
  • Special guests often featured on tours bring their flair and contribute to an eclectic musical journey. Their presence offers variety and shows unity among Christian artists.
  • The encore performances are always eagerly anticipated, often involving fan favorites or surprise songs not on regular setlists.



How to Purchase Tickets

Secure your spot at the Elevation Worship Tour by visiting the official Ticketmaster website for a seamless ticket purchasing experience, and stay tuned for more enriching details on what promises to be an unforgettable musical journey.


Official Ticketmaster site

If you're planning to join the worship and praise with Elevation Worship on their 2024 tour, your first stop should be the official Ticketmaster site. Here, fans can snag tickets for all concert dates and find exclusive offers such as Live Nation presale codes.

Explore the lineup of cities, venues, and special guests while browsing through reviews from past concerts.

Purchasing your Elevation Worship event tickets is a breeze on Ticketmaster. You'll see detailed venue information, support acts coming along for the tour, and get insights into available seating options.

For those attending an unforgettable night of music and ministry with Steven Furtick, remember that everything you need to secure your spot in the crowd is right at your fingertips – just a few clicks away on Ticketmaster.


Potential for sold-out shows

Elevation Worship's popularity is soaring, and their concerts often pack out venues across the country. Fans are eager to experience the powerful live performances that have defined Elevation Worship's reputation.

With each tour date announcement, there's a rush to secure tickets, making sell-outs not just possible but expected.

Given this high demand, it's wise for fans to buy their tickets early. The buzz around the 2024 Tour is already growing, as anticipation builds for an unforgettable worship experience with spiritual impact.

Special guests and Pastor Steven Furtick’s preaching magnify the appeal of these events, drawing even larger crowds.

Looking forward to getting your hands on Elevation Worship event dates? Act quickly; you won’t want to miss what promises to be an inspiring series of nights during the Elevation Worship Tour.

Next up: understanding how to ensure your ticket purchase goes smoothly.


Similar Artists and Tours

6. Similar Artists and Tours: Discover how Elevation Worship's electrifying energy compares to other leading Christian music giants on the scene, and get a glimpse of the tours that resonate with fans seeking a similar spiritual upliftment—continue your journey for more soul-stirring experiences.


Comparison to other Christian artists

Elevation Worship has established a unique presence in the realm of Christian music, often drawing comparisons to influential groups such as Hillsong United and Bethel Music. These artists share a common dedication to creating worship experiences that resonate deeply with audiences around the world.


Aspect Elevation Worship Hillsong United Bethel Music
Founding Church Elevation Church Hillsong Church Bethel Church
Main Preacher Steven Furtick Brian Houston Bill Johnson
Music Style Contemporary Worship Contemporary Worship Spontaneous Worship
Notable Members Chris Brown, Mack Brock Joel Houston, Taya Smith Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson
Album Releases Multiple award-winning albums Chart-topping global releases Worship sessions and collaborations
Global Impact Expanding, with live tours and online streams Widespread, with a strong global presence Growing influence, particularly in charismatic circles


Each of these powerful worship collectives has contributed significantly to the genre, frequently collaborating on events and tours that unite the Christian community. Despite some controversies surrounding Hillsong, their music remains influential, and artists like Brooke Ligertwood and Joel Houston continue to impact worship across the globe. As we explore the unique aspects of Elevation Worship's upcoming tour, we transition into understanding the intricacies of a tour's behind-the-scenes preparation.


Related tours and events

If you're thrilled about the upcoming Elevation Worship tour, you might also be interested in other related tours and events. Fans of contemporary Christian music have a variety of concerts to look forward to:


  • Casting Crowns and Hillsong Worship have teamed up for a monumental USA arena tour presented by Premier Productions. They offer awe-inspiring performances that blend powerful vocals with compelling worship experiences.
  • Phil Wickham joins forces with Brandon Lake for the "Summer Worship Nights" 2024 tour, visiting various cities with their passionate renditions and spiritually uplifting songs.
  • Big Daddy Weave leads an ensemble of inspiring Christian artists in Transparent Productions' roster, offering tickets for concerts full of soulful melodies and heartfelt praise.
  • Newsboys United brings together current and former members for a dynamic tour that celebrates their biggest hits and introduces new anthems to their fans.
  • Danny Gokey mixes his signature sound with messages of faith, hope, and love at his live shows. His energetic stage presence makes every concert memorable.



Behind the Scenes of a Tour

Discover the intricate dance of preparations and precision that unfolds backstage as Elevation Worship gears up to deliver an unforgettable spiritual experience on their latest tour.



Elevation Worship places immense value on rehearsals, understanding that they are crucial for delivering a powerful and seamless performance. Rehearsal sessions involve meticulous practice, where every note and transition is fine-tuned to ensure that each Elevation Worship tour date reflects the band's commitment to excellence.

Scott Gardner is one of the key figures behind these intense rehearsal processes, making certain that every element of the worship experience aligns with the group’s vision.

The incident during a past tour where there was a mishap with the click track became an opportunity for growth. This moment highlighted just how vital preparation and coordination are in live performances; it led to more rigorous checks during rehearsals.

dedicated team works tirelessly behind the scenes preparing instruments, sound systems, and stage setups so audiences at each concert can have an unforgettable encounter.

Moving forward from pure rehearsing into operation mode marks another critical phase – tour setup and logistics are next in line on our journey behind Elevation Worship's powerful tours.


Tour setup and logistics

Following intense rehearsal sessions, the Elevation Worship team transfers their hard work to spectacular live performances. The tour setup and logistics are crucial aspects of bringing an unforgettable concert experience to audiences.


  • A partnership with Concept Pixels delivers cutting - edge LED video displays that enhance the visual impact of each show.
  • Inbound tour operators meticulously organize transportation for the band, crew, and equipment to every city on the tour schedule.
  • Accommodations are carefully booked by a dedicated team ensuring comfort and rest for everyone involved in the demanding tour life.
  • Venue selection is strategic, with considerations for acoustics, capacity, and location to provide fans with an exceptional listening environment.
  • Special guests require additional coordination for soundchecks and performance times, seamlessly integrated into the worship event.
  • Stage setup is planned down to every detail from lighting rigs to microphone placements that cater specifically to Elevation Worship's dynamic performance style.
  • Safety protocols are firmly established, including emergency plans and crowd management strategies for each venue.
  • Merchandise areas are designed to be accessible while also allowing adequate flow of concertgoers throughout the venue.



Connection to Elevation Church

Discover the profound bond between Elevation Worship and their home base, Elevation Church, which fuels not just their music but also touches the lives of countless fans and followers around the globe.

To explore how this relationship shapes their spiritual journey and impacts audiences worldwide, delve into our detailed exploration.


Relationship between the church and band

Elevation Worship stands at the heart of Elevation Church, a beacon of worship music that extends well beyond the walls of their home in Charlotte, North Carolina. The band is more than just performers; they serve as worship leaders every weekend for the church community.

This synergy brings an authentic spirit to each performance on tour, deeply rooted in their shared mission to inspire faith through music.

The connection between Elevation Worship and Elevation Church has profound effects on both entities. Their unity helps shape the religious experience for members and followers alike, elevating the collective voice in praise and worship while reaching audiences far and wide.

As they perform across various cities during their 2024 tour, this bond reinforces a sense of community among fans who share common beliefs and passions.

Onstage, this relationship translates into dynamic performances where music from other influential megachurches like Bethel and Hillsong sometimes gets integrated into their setlists—despite some controversy regarding these choices.

Nonetheless, these songs resonate with many listeners globally and are part of what makes an Elevation Worship concert unique—a fusion that reflects both innovation within contemporary Christian tunes and steadfast devotion to their message.


Impact on fans and followers

The strong bond between Elevation Church and Elevation Worship resonates deeply with their audience. Followers of Pastor Steven Furtick and fans of the band find a unique blend of spiritual leadership and musical excellence during the Elevation Worship Tour.

This powerful combination creates an atmosphere where concertgoers can connect with their faith through live music, often resulting in life-changing experiences.

With over 350,000 social media followers hanging on Pastor Furtick's every tweet, it's clear that his influence extends far beyond the pulpit. The compelling messages he shares resonate strongly with individuals seeking guidance and inspiration.

Meanwhile, record-breaking attendance at events like the Outcry Tour speaks volumes about the reach and emotional impact of Elevation Worship’s music.

Through these tours, thousands experience what many describe as a slice of heaven on earth—a chance to engage in worship that doesn’t just stay within church walls but spills over into arenas around the country.

With each lyric sung and sermon preached, lives are touched and hearts are moved. It’s not just about attending another concert; for many fans, it’s about being part of a community that uplifts and supports each other in their collective journey of faith.



Get ready to experience the power of live worship with Elevation Worship’s tour. Join a community of believers for unforgettable nights packed with soul-stirring music and inspirational messages.

Secure your tickets early, immerse yourself in the spirit, and be part of an event that promises to elevate your faith to new heights. Don't miss out on this chance to witness one of the most vibrant worship gatherings this year!



1. When is the Elevation Worship 2024 Tour?

Elevation Worship will hit the road in 2024 for their tour, but you'll have to check their schedule for specific dates and locations.

2. Where can I find Elevation Worship tour dates?

Tour dates for Elevation Worship are posted on their official website, where fans can see when they're playing in a city nearby.

3. How can I buy tickets for an Elevation Worship concert?

Tickets for any of the Elevation Worship shows are available online through their official ticketing partners or at venues hosting their performances.

4. Will more dates be added to the Elevation Worship Tour?

Keep an eye on updates as more stops may be added to meet fan demand throughout the year!


Elevation Worship Tour Dates

Join Elevation Worship as they embark on the Elevation Nights 24 Tour, bringing their uplifting music to cities across the United States. The tour promises to be a journey of faith, worship, and community, visiting iconic venues and creating unforgettable experiences. Below is a complete table of the tour dates, cities, and venues:


Date City Venue
02/20/2024 Hershey, PA Giant Center
02/21/2024 Bridgeport, CT Total Mortgage Arena
02/23/2024 Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena
02/24/2024 Columbus, OH Value City Arena at Schottenstein Center
02/25/2024 Hoffman Estates, IL NOW Arena
02/27/2024 Elmont, NY UBS Arena
02/28/2024 Boston, MA TD Garden
02/29/2024 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center-PA


Be sure to check the dates and venues to catch Elevation Worship in a city near you!

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