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Carrie Underwood Tour

Carrie Underwood Tour



Vibrant concert venue featuring guitar, microphone, and diverse audience.

Country music holds an unmistakable allure, and few artists capture that spirit quite like Carrie Underwood. Idol to icon, her trajectory is a testament to talent meeting tenacity.

As someone who has closely followed Underwood's career from "American Idol" victor to country queen, I've chronicled her journey—distilling the twang of guitars and the power of a voice that fills arenas.

In 2024, fans will again have the chance to experience Carrie Underwood’s electrifying performances live as she embarks on a highly anticipated tour from March through October. Spanning cities across America, these events are not just concerts but cultural touchstones for millions.

With over 3.2 million fans already captivated by her previous tours, this one promises new thrills with unforgettable vocals and showmanship. Discover what makes an Underwood concert an enduring memory waiting to happen.

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Key Takeaways

  • Carrie Underwood's 2024 "Denim & Rhinestones" Tour kicks off in March and runs through October, featuring concerts across the United States including a special residency named "REFLECTION" starting in Las Vegas in October.
  • Fans can enjoy new music and workout-inspired tracks on her dedicated SiriusXM channel, CARR-DIO by CARRIE’S COUNTRY, along with the deluxe edition of her album "Denim & Rhinestones."
  • Ticketmaster is the official partner for purchasing tickets to Carrie Underwood’s 2024 tour dates, offering a range of options from general seating to VIP packages that can include meet-and-greets.
  • Positive fan reviews highlight unforgettable experiences at Carrie Underwood's live performances, praising her energy on stage and powerful vocals.
  • Alongside Underwood’s tour, other country music stars like Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney are also hitting the road, giving fans a season full of exhilarating live country music events.



2024 Tour Dates


Carrie Underwood performing on a grand stage with a cheering crowd.

Carrie Underwood is set to captivate audiences with her dynamic stage presence as she embarks on her 2024 tour, bringing an electrifying lineup of performances from March through October.

With a history of sold-out shows, fans eagerly anticipate the release of new dates following her widely successful tours in previous years.




March to October 2024

Carrie Underwood fans, mark your calendars for a thrilling 2024 Tour! The DENIM & RHINESTONES TOUR kicks off in March with a lineup of energetic performances. Get ready to experience the powerhouse vocals and dynamic stage presence that have defined Carrie's illustrious career.

From city to city, each concert promises an unforgettable night of music and spectacle.

Spectators in Las Vegas are in for a special treat as Carrie takes center stage during her highly anticipated residency, REFLECTION, starting October 2024. These shows will showcase a blend of her greatest hits along with new chart-toppers, set against the backdrop of one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Tickets for these coveted events are flying fast!

Prepare yourselves for an electrifying stretch from spring through fall as this tour unfolds across various venues nationwide. Secure your spots early and be part of the excitement that only a live performance by one of country music’s most celebrated artists can deliver!


Previous tour dates (2019-2023)

Carrie Underwood has graced stages across the globe with her dynamic performances over the years. Reflecting on her previous tours from 2019 to 2023 provides a glimpse into the journey that has led to her much-anticipated 2024 tour dates. Here's a concise look at where she's been:


Year Tour Name Notable Locations Highlights
2019 Cry Pretty Tour 360 United States, Canada, UK Sold-out arenas, innovative stage design
2020 Events postponed due to global health concerns
2021 Limited performances, focus on virtual events
2022 Reflection: The Las Vegas Residency Las Vegas, NV Residency debut, intimate fan experiences
2023 Denim & Rhinestones Tour North America High-energy shows, latest album promotion


Fans have celebrated her musical evolution, marking each tour as a unique experience that showcases Underwood’s exceptional talent. With a history of unforgettable performances, excitement builds for what the 2024 tour will bring.


Carrie Underwood's Latest News & Media


Carrie Underwood performing on stage in various outfits with vibrant lighting.

Carrie Underwood has been hitting all the right notes with her latest endeavors, including a dedicated workout music channel on SiriusXM that's energizing fans. Her recent performances have been setting stages ablaze, complemented by new music releases that showcase her ever-evolving artistry.




Launch of workout music channel on SiriusXM

Get ready to boost your workouts with the ultimate soundtrack! SiriusXM has just launched CARR-DIO by CARRIE'S COUNTRY, a brand-new channel curated by Carrie Underwood herself. It's packed with high-energy tracks specifically chosen to energize your exercise routine.

Not only does it feature an upbeat selection of new and classic country hits, but also workout favorites across other genres like gospel to keep you motivated.

Dive deep into the musical world that drives Underwood's own fitness sessions. She also shares personal fitness advice and insights into her influences, ranging from friends in the music industry to songs that have shaped her career.

This addition on SiriusXM is tailor-made for those looking for a fresh playlist or inspiration while hitting their New Year’s resolution stride or maintaining a healthy lifestyle year-round.

Turn up the volume and let Carrie guide you through each rep and run with tunes that make breaking a sweat feel like a party.


Stellar 2023 performance

Carrie Underwood's 2023 performances set the stage ablaze, showcasing the raw power and emotion of her music. She honored rock legends with a fiery tribute at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony that left fans and peers alike in awe.

Her voice soared through the venue, delivering each note with precision and heart.

Her return to Las Vegas was nothing short of spectacular, as she brought back "Reflection: The Las Vegas Residency" to Resorts World. Audiences experienced an unforgettable display of talent and showmanship that only Carrie could deliver.

Each concert had attendees captivated; they witnessed a blend of classic hits and new releases from a star who continues to shine bright on stage.

Embracing fitness enthusiasts, Carrie also launched her workout music channel on SiriusXM in 2023. This new venture merges her passion for health and well-being with her musical prowess, providing fans with yet another platform to enjoy her dynamic range as an artist.

These accomplishments reflect why Carrie's 2023 tour dates are not just events but landmarks in an ever-rising career trajectory.


Recent music releases

Carrie Underwood’s music has always struck a chord with fans, and her recent releases are no exception. She's elevating her artistry with the deluxe edition of "Denim & Rhinestones," bringing new energy to our playlists with six additional tracks.

Each song showcases Carrie's powerful vocals and ability to connect deeply with her audience through music.

Diving into different genres has never been a hurdle for this versatile artist. Her gospel album "My Savior" resonates with soulful tunes that have secured top spots on both country and Christian music charts.

Listeners find solace in the heartfelt melodies that blend traditional hymns with Underwood’s signature style.

Expanding beyond traditional albums, she also brings motivational anthems to workouts everywhere through her recently launched SiriusXM channel. These energizing beats fuel sessions at the gym just as much as they ignite excitement during live tour performances set across various 2024 tour dates.


Fan Reviews & Reception

The outpouring of enthusiasm from Carrie Underwood's admirers is a testament to her electrifying performances, with fans consistently hailing her shows as unforgettable experiences.

Across forums and social media platforms, concertgoers share glowing testimonials about the powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence that define a Carrie Underwood tour event.




Positive feedback

Carrie Underwood's 2024 tour is making headlines not just for the electrifying performances but for the waves of positive feedback flooding in from fans and critics alike. Concertgoers can't stop talking about her outstanding vocals and the energy she brings to the stage, setting social media abuzz after each show.

Her recent performance in Salt Lake City left audiences spellbound, while Charlotte fans are still riding high on the exhilarating experience.

Feedback extends beyond live shows to Underwood's first gospel album "My Savior," which garners applause from those touched by her spiritual journey and collaboration with CeCe Winans.

Critics have noted her shocking versatility as she seamlessly weaves through various music genres, keeping listeners hooked throughout her nearly two-hour set. This blend of praise only fuels anticipation for what's next as Carrie continues delivering unforgettable experiences across her tour dates.


Notable concerts

Carrie Underwood's fans consistently experience unforgettable moments at her live shows. Her tours feature performances that are praised by fans and critics alike for their energy, production value, and her exceptional vocal talent.


  • Charlotte shines with praise: The Denim and Rhinestones tour made a memorable stop in Charlotte, NC. Critics highlighted this concert at the Spectrum Center for its impressive setlist and the energy Carrie brought to the stage.
  • Salt Lake City sings along: Audiences at the Salt Lake City Theater were blown away by Underwood's powerful vocals. The entire arena felt included in her performance, thanks to her dynamic stage presence.
  • Bridgestone Arena goes big: Nashville's own Bridgestone Arena hosted a two-hour Carrie Underwood spectacle. Fans were treated to hit songs, new tracks, and an immersive show complete with costume changes and stunning visuals.
  • Opening acts add flairJimmie Allen was among the talented artists opening for Underwood. His performances added an extra layer of excitement for audiences attending these notable events.



Other Artists on Tour

While Carrie Underwood embarks on her 2024 tour, fans of country music have the opportunity to experience a season brimming with live performances as several other renowned artists hit the road, each delivering their unique brand of musical prowess and stage presence to audiences nationwide.


Tim McGraw

Country music fans will be thrilled to hear that Tim McGraw is also taking the stage in connection with the Carrie Underwood Tour. This iconic singer has shaped the country music scene for decades, releasing a string of hit albums and beloved songs.

His dynamic performances are known to capture heart and soul—qualities that have cemented his reputation as one of country's leading figures.

With 16 studio albums under his belt, including the monumental "Everywhere," McGraw brings a wealth of classic tunes and new hits alike to audiences everywhere. Fans can expect an electrifying experience, as he shares the spotlight with other top artists like Carrie Underwood on their tour schedules.

Mark your calendars; a Tim McGraw performance is a must-see event that showcases the very best of country music heritage and energy.


Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney brings a tidal wave of energy every time he steps on stage, treating each concert like a unique moment in time. Fans have come to expect an electrifying experience from the seasoned performer who has shared the spotlight with stars like Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town.

His commitment to live shows makes every tour date a chance for admirers to be part of something special, a philosophy that has kept his tours consistently popular since 1998.

Throughout his touring career, Kenny's stage has seen guest performances by icons such as Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert, enhancing the excitement at his already high-energy events.

He crafts setlists blending nostalgic tunes with fresh hits, ensuring there's something for everyone in the crowd. Get ready for an unforgettable musical journey – next up is information about snagging those coveted tickets!


Ticket Information & Purchasing

For fans eager to secure their spot at one of Carrie Underwood's 2024 concerts, ticket details are a click away. Explore options for various seating arrangements and VIP experiences through the tour's official partner, Ticketmaster, ensuring you don't miss out on this live music event.


VIP packages

Get ready to elevate your Carrie Underwood concert experience with VIP packages that go beyond just a ticket. Imagine yourself sitting in a front orchestra seat, sipping on complimentary beverages from VIP-only vouchers as you wait for the show to start.

These exclusive bundles range from $375 all the way up to $2414, offering various levels of indulgence and behind-the-scenes access.

Selecting one of these prestigious options could land you an unforgettable meet and greet opportunity with Carrie Underwood herself. The "Denim & Rhinestones" VIP Meet & Greet Experience is among the most sought-after perks fans can enjoy.

With availability through different ticketing outlets and venues, securing your spot for an intimate backstage encounter has never been easier.

These special deals are tailored for those desiring more than just seeing the live performance; they're designed to create lifelong memories at every turn of the tour schedule. Whether it's taking home limited edition merchandise or snapping that once-in-a-lifetime photo with Carrie, VIP package holders are treated to a concert event unlike any other.

Secure your package early, especially for popular locations such as Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas where special promotions might be offered.


Tour partner Ticketmaster

Securing your spot at a Carrie Underwood concert has never been easier, thanks to Ticketmaster. As the official partner for ticket sales, they offer an array of choices, including exclusive VIP packages that promise a memorable experience.

Fans can visit their user-friendly website to browse through Carrie Underwood's 2024 tour dates and find all the necessary details to make informed decisions.

Ticketmaster also makes it simple for enthusiasts wanting to catch Carrie's electrifying performances in Las Vegas—tickets are just a click away. With high-resolution photos from past concerts and authentic fan reviews, you'll get a glimpse of what awaits you at her live shows.

Purchasing tickets is straightforward and secure, ensuring that all you need to focus on is the anticipation of seeing one of music's greatest stars live on stage.


About Carrie Underwood

Discover the journey of Carrie Underwood, from her rise to fame through "American Idol" to becoming a country music sensation with multiple awards and chart-topping hits. Explore the story of a small-town girl who captured hearts worldwide and evolved into an influential powerhouse both on and off the stage.


Biographical information

Carrie Marie Underwood was born on March 10, 1983, in a small town called Muskogee, Oklahoma. As a country girl with big dreams, she took the nation by storm when she won the fourth season of American Idol in 2005.

This victory catapulted her into stardom and set her off on a path to become the most successful American Idol singer ever.

After achieving reality TV fame, Underwood didn't slow down. She married former NHL star Mike Fisher and founded CALIA by Carrie Underwood, a fitness and lifestyle brand that encourages wellness and staying active.

Her passion for health also led her to write "FIND YOUR PATH," which quickly became an instant New York Times bestseller.

With numerous awards under her belt, Carrie has earned her place in music history as one of country's top-selling acts. Her powerful vocals echo across packed arenas around the world where fans gather to hear their favorite songs live during the much-anticipated Carrie Underwood tour dates.



Carrie Underwood's rise to stardom is a tale of talent meeting opportunity. Her list of achievements since winning 'American Idol' is both long and impressive, cementing her place in country music history.


  • Triumphed on 'American Idol': In 2005, she captured America's heart and votes, taking home the title in Season 4 of the iconic singing competition.
  • Multi-platinum Recording Artist: With her powerful voice, she has released hit after hit, resulting in multiple albums reaching platinum status.
  • Grammy Awards Galore: Her trophy case boasts an enviable collection of Grammy Awards, celebrating her excellence in music.
  • Dazzling at the Billboard Charts: She consistently tops the charts with her singles and albums, showing her continued relevance and popularity.
  • Bestselling Author: Beyond music, she found success as a New York Times bestselling author, showcasing her writing talents.
  • Fitness Inspiration: Committed to wellness, she also launched fitness attire and a workout channel on SiriusXM.
  • Philanthropic Efforts: Her generosity shines through charitable work and contributions to various causes.




The excitement buzzes as fans anticipate the energy and vocal prowess Underwood brings to each show. Snagging tickets early becomes essential for those eager to experience her live performances.

With a string of hits and legendary stage presence, these concerts promise unforgettable nights for music lovers everywhere. Whether you're a long-time follower or new to the scene, prepare for an electrifying journey through song with one of country music's shining stars.

The Carrie Underwood Tour is not just a series of dates; it's where memories are made under the spotlight's glow.



1. Where can I find the Carrie Underwood tour schedule?

You can view the complete Carrie Underwood tour schedule on her official website or by checking out ticket selling platforms where they list all upcoming concert dates and locations.

2. Will new cities be added to the current Carrie Underwood tour?

As tours evolve, sometimes additional cities are announced. Stay up-to-date with Carrie's official channels for any news about extra stops being added to her present touring lineup.

3. How do I buy tickets for a Carrie Underwood concert?

Tickets for a Carrie Underwood show are available online through authorized ticket sellers or directly from venue box offices. Remember to grab them early as they tend to sell fast!

4. What should I expect from a Carrie Underwood live performance?

At a Carrie Underwood concert, you're in for an unforgettable experience with powerful vocals, stunning visuals, and a setlist packed with both new hits and fan favorites delivered by this award-winning country superstar.


Carrie Underwood Tour Dates

Experience the magic of Carrie Underwood live in concert! Below is the complete list of tour dates for the "Denim & Rhinestones Tour." Please note that the list does not include ticket prices.


Date City Venue
12/02/2023 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
12/06/2023 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
12/08/2023 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
12/09/2023 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
12/13/2023 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
12/15/2023 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
12/16/2023 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
03/06/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
03/08/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
03/09/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
03/13/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
03/15/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
03/16/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
05/22/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
05/25/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
05/26/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
05/29/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
05/31/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
06/01/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
07/11/2024 Chicago, IL Windy City Smokeout Festival
07/14/2024 Chicago, IL Windy City Smokeout Festival
08/14/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
08/16/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
08/17/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
08/21/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
08/23/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre
08/24/2024 Las Vegas, NV Resorts World Theatre

This table showcases the extensive tour schedule, highlighting the various cities and venues where fans can catch Carrie Underwood live. Each date represents an opportunity to be part of an unforgettable musical experience.

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