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The Vermont Hollywood VIP Box & Luxury Suites

The Vermont Hollywood located at 1020 N Vermont Ave in Los Angeles, CA is really one of the premier venues in the city. Many top events take place at The Vermont Hollywood each year. In fact, 25-80 events take place at The Vermont Hollywood each and every year. While visiting the venue in the past, you may have looked around the area and noticed VIP boxes or luxury suites from afar. These areas are ultra-premium luxury options that are available for rent for concerts, sports or theater events taking place at The Vermont Hollywood. Many people also call VIP boxes or luxury suites, skyboxes, VIP luxury suites, or even club seating. There are some similarities, but rest assured, The Vermont Hollywood luxury suites and VIP boxes are among the premium offerings at The Vermont Hollywood. One of the top reasons to rent a The Vermont Hollywood VIP box is that they are a private area within the venue to watch the live event. The capacity of The Vermont Hollywood is 0 which is a lot of other people. Imagine you own slice of paradise not having to be amongst the rest of fans. Imagine getting VIP parking, VIP entrance, VIP club access, VIP wait service and special catering. Many of these options may be available at The Vermont Hollywood. When looking for top The Vermont Hollywood VIP boxes, consider what type of event you want to watch. Maybe you are looking for concert tickets, sports, or theater tickets.




How Much Do The Vermont Hollywood VIP Boxes and Suites Cost?

The Vermont Hollywood VIP boxes or luxury suites really range in price. This is due to the size of the box, or suite, the date the event is happening on, the event itself and even the location of the suite or box. Sporting events can range from $2500-$13000 depending on the game and team. Concerts may range from $3500 to $14000. Smaller VIP boxes that can sit four fans may range from $1000+ for concerts at The Vermont Hollywood.



How Many Guests Can A The Vermont Hollywood Seat?

It depends! Often there are many smaller lodge or club seats available for smaller parties ranging from two to four fans. There are often larger VIP boxes or suites at The Vermont Hollywood that can host larger groups of 8-30 patrons. There are many options that can fit many group sizes that are looking to attend a live event at The Vermont Hollywood.




The Vermont Hollywood Shared Or Private VIP Box or Suite

There are many fun reasons to get a private box or share a suite. Maybe you want your own private area to watch an event at The Vermont Hollywood? Renting an entire suite can be a fantastic way to achieve this. On the other hand, sharing a suite or box with other fans is also a much cheaper option. Imagine buying two tickets instead of 20 and you get to enjoy the same space at a fraction of the cost of other The Vermont Hollywood luxury suites.




The Vermont Hollywood VIP Box & Luxury Suite Seating Chart

The Vermont Hollywood VIP boxes and luxury suites should be located on the map above. They are generally located in a special area at the venue. They may be located on a different level or behind the first section of seating.



The Vermont Hollywood Club Seats

If you want to attend a The Vermont Hollywood event in style but still want to save a few dollars, you may want to look for The Vermont Hollywood club seats. Many club seats may also come with food and beverage which makes them an amazing deal.