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Brett Young Tour

Brett Young Tour



A vibrant sunset performance stage with Brett Young's guitar under a spotlight.

Embarking on a concert tour isn't just about the music; it's an immersive experience connecting artists and fans in a symphony of emotions that resonate long after the final encore.

With a background steeped in both athletics and melody, Brett Young has mastered this artistry, transforming stages across the nation into altars of soulful country storytelling. As an avid follower and chronicler of his journey from sports fields to music charts, I've witnessed firsthand how Brett captivates audiences with his heartfelt ballads and personal tales woven into song.

Excitement is mounting as Brett Young prepares to take his melodies on a trek far beyond familiar horizons—a third European tour beckons in May 2024. Concertgoers are eager for an intimate evening with this Anaheim native who has become synonymous with chart-topping hits and emotionally charged performances.

It's more than just attending a show; it's about being part of a narrative that celebrates life’s highs, comforts through lows, and simply enjoys moments together under the cadence of guitar strings.

Discover what makes 'Brett Young Tour' not just another item on your event calendar but a passport to musical bliss—read on!


Key Takeaways

  • Brett Young's 2024 tour includes stops at major venues like Nationwide Arena in Columbus and the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, with performances spanning from intimate settings to large arenas across the nation.
  • His musical style is a blend of classic country with contemporary elements, resonating through hits like "In Case You Didn't Know" and "Mercy," as well as his upcoming album "Weekends Look a Little Different These Days."
  • Fans can purchase tickets for the upcoming events online, with options ranging from standard entry to VIP experiences, all offering an immersive live performance of Young's storytelling and melodic ballads.
  • Collaborations with artists like Sam Hunt and Thomas Rhett highlight Brett Young’s versatility within the modern country music scene, indicating fans may expect memorable moments both solo and shared on stage during his tour performances.
  • Despite some criticism for lacking energy during shows, fan reviews predominantly praise Brett Young's concerts for their emotional depth powered by his smooth vocal talent.



About Brett Young


A rustic guitar against a weathered barn in a natural setting.

Country music sensation Brett Young has captivated hearts with his velvety vocals and heartfelt lyrics, charting a meteoric rise to fame that reflects his authentic connection to the genre's roots and contemporary twists.

His journey from sports to songwriting sketches a portrait of an artist whose raw emotion fuels every performance, resonating with fans across the globe.




Background and career overview

Brett Young's journey into music wasn't a straight path. Before his name lit up marquees and fans sang along to his heartfelt country pop tunes, Young faced the crossroads of sports or song.

talented baseball pitcher, he stood on the brink of a professional career with major league prospects. Injuries led him down an alternate trail—one strummed on six strings rather than thrown from a mound.

His passion for music eventually drew him away from the fields to stages across California.

After spending thirteen years in Los Angeles honing his craft, Brett realized that if he wanted to take his musical aspirations further, Nashville was where he needed to be. He made the move in his early 30s and quickly learned that Music City didn't just welcome anyone – it embraced those with determination and raw talent.

It wasn’t long before Young was sharing his personal stories through lyrics and melodies, weaving himself into Nashville's tapestry of troubadours.

His persistence paid off as listeners connected with his relatable themes wrapped in soft twangy vocals. Encouraged by musical influences and driven by sheer resolve, Brett Young’s career flourished beyond playing bar gigs and small venues.

Now an established country artist recognized nationwide for hit singles like "In Case You Didn't Know" and "Mercy," Brett continues building upon a foundation laid through years of perseverance—and maybe even some luck—transforming once distant dreams into reality on stages around the world during the Brett Young Tour.


Musical style

Brett Young's sound is a contemporary twist on classic country music. He weaves together traditional tunes with fresh, modern beats, creating tracks that resonate with fans from all walks of life.

His debut album released in 2017 introduced this unique West Coast-meets-Southern charm and immediately struck a chord with audiences everywhere. Listeners find themselves captivated by his raw storytelling and melodic ballads.

His songs often reveal personal experiences through heartfelt lyrics set to catchy rhythms that make you want to sing along. Influences from childhood favorites like Boyz II Men are evident when he covers their hits on shows like CMT Crossroads, highlighting his eclectic taste in music.

This blend of soulful pop with country twang showcases the versatility Brett brings to the genre as he stands out in Nashville’s rich musical landscape.

Ready for an emotional rollercoaster? Prepare yourself for the upcoming tour dates where you can experience the full impact of Brett Young's musical style live on stage!


Upcoming Tour Dates and Locations


Brett Young performing at outdoor amphitheater under the starry night.

Brett Young fans are marking their calendars as the celebrated country artist announces his latest tour, set to bring heartfelt performances across notable venues nationwide. Prepare for an intimate musical experience as Young's tour promises unforgettable nights in cities from Columbus to Kailua Kona.




Nationwide Arena, Columbus

Nationwide Arena in Columbus stands ready to host an unforgettable night with country music sensation Brett Young. His 2024 tour includes a captivating performance at this renowned venue, known for its electric atmosphere and top-notch acoustics.

Fans will experience the thrill of live entertainment as they sing along to chart-topping hits and soulful melodies.

Mark your calendars for this highly anticipated event featuring Young alongside the talented Lily Rose, all part of The Outskirts Tour headlined by Sam Hunt. With these remarkable artists set to take the stage, Nationwide Arena is the place to be for an evening packed with passionate performances and memorable moments.

Secure your tickets early and join fellow country music enthusiasts for a spectacular showcase of musical prowess right in the heart of Columbus.


Steelhouse Omaha, Omaha

Brett Young fans have something to look forward to with his upcoming concert at Steelhouse Omaha. This brand-new venue, located conveniently at 12th and Dodge Streets, is ready to open its doors in mid-2023.

With state-of-the-art facilities, it promises an exceptional live music experience for attendees. The Dance With You Tour marks one of the first major musical events scheduled here with Brett Young set to light up the stage on Friday, March 8, 2024.

Tickets for this much-anticipated event are already up for grabs online. Whether you're eyeing a standard entry or hoping to score VIP treatment, be sure to check availability as this show is expected to draw a large crowd.

Steelhouse Omaha not only boasts impressive acoustics but also offers a seating chart designed to ensure every fan gets a great view of their favorite artist.

Griffen Palmer will join Brett Young as he performs in Omaha, adding even more excitement to an already stellar evening. Music lovers can immerse themselves in tunes from both these talented artists under one roof at Steelhouse Omaha's dynamic space.

If you're itching for a night of heartfelt lyrics and melodic country sounds, secure your spot and get ready for an unforgettable performance by Brett Young and company.


Maui, Hawaii

Escape to the tropical paradise of Maui, Hawaii, for an unforgettable evening with country music sensation Brett Young. On February 4th, 2024, fans will gather at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center in Kahului to experience Young's heartwarming melodies and soulful voice under a canopy of stars.

The venue opens its doors at 5:00 pm for food and beverages on the Events Lawn, setting the tone for a night filled with tunes that tug at your heartstrings.

Secure your spot by visiting Bandsintown to purchase tickets for this much-anticipated event. As dusk fades into nightfall, let Brett Young serenade you starting at 7:00 pm; it’s not just another concert – it’s a slice of musical heaven on earth.

And after experiencing island magic with Brett Young's performance in Maui, anticipate more enthralling moments as his tour continues to warm hearts across other locations.

Next up is a city buzzing with vibrant energy — young brings his chart-topping hits to Honolulu's Neal S. Blaisdell Center.


Neal S. Blaisdell Center, Honolulu

Get ready to experience an unforgettable night with Brett Young at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu! On February 3, 2024, fans will gather at this renowned venue to enjoy his captivating performance.

Doors open at 7:00 pm for a show slated to begin at an hour later, promising a seamless blend of music and magic under one roof.

The Neal S. Blaisdell Center is renowned for hosting some of the best live events in Honolulu, and Brett Young's tour date here adds to its legacy. With valet parking facilities coded EHB00203P and admission for ages 4 and up, it's set up perfectly for families looking forward to an evening filled with melodious hits.

Be part of the crowd cheering on as this country star lights up the stage in one of Hawaii’s most iconic venues.


BREW Block, Kailua Kona

Get set for an unforgettable night with Brett Young as he takes the stage at BREW Block in Kailua Kona. The venue, located at 74-5617 Pawai Place, offers a cozy and intimate setting that's perfect for experiencing live music.

Fans can look forward to the concert on February 2nd, 2024, which kicks off at 7:00 pm — a date to mark in your calendars.

Hosted by BAMP Project, this event promises to be more than just another stop on Brett Young's tour; it's an opportunity to connect with his music like never before. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just love a great country show, you won't want to miss out on this performance amidst the tropical vibe of Hawaii’s vibrant island life.

Secure your tickets early and prepare for an evening filled with heartfelt melodies and chart-topping hits under the stars at BREW Block.


North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleston

Brett Young fans, get ready for an unforgettable night at the North Charleston Coliseum! This renowned South Carolina venue will host Brett Young as he lights up the stage with his captivating country tunes.

Part of his highly anticipated Devil I Know Tour, the concert is set for February 23, 2024, and promises to be a highlight of the year.

The North Charleston Coliseum isn't just about concerts; it's a hub for entertainment in the region. From hosting hockey games that keep sports enthusiasts on their toes to comedy shows that bring laughter to thousands, there's always something happening here.

But make no mistake – when Brett Young takes over on that Friday night at 8 PM, it'll be all eyes and ears on him.

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster for those eager to catch this chart-topping artist live. Demand is high and seats are filling fast – secure your spot among fellow music lovers today! Enjoy an evening where melodious hits create lasting memories at one of North Charleston's premiere event locations.

Don't miss out on witnessing Brett Young perform live; it’s bound to be a show talked about long after the final encore fades away.


Popular Songs and Albums

Brett Young's melodic storytelling has resonated with fans worldwide, echoing through chart-topping hits that showcase his signature blend of heartfelt lyrics and catchy tunes. His discography, including a breakthrough self-titled EP and an array of singles that have swiftly climbed the country music charts, speaks to a career defined by both critical acclaim and popular success.




Self-titled debut EP

Brett Young took the country music scene by storm with his self-titled debut EPreleased on February 12, 2016. This milestone marked a solid start for the artist under the expert production of Dann Huff.

Packed with heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies, fans quickly fell in love with tracks like "Sleep Without You" and "In Case You Didn't Know". Each song showcased Young's knack for storytelling and his authentic vocal style.

The debut also highlighted Brett Young's talent as a songwriter; he co-wrote nearly all the songs on the album. Hits such as "Like I Loved You" became anthems for listeners who connected deeply with their themes of love and heartbreak.

The success of these tracks set a high standard for future releases and laid a strong foundation for Young's rapidly growing career in country music.


Hit singles like "In Case You Didn't Know" and "Mercy"

Building on his self-titled debut success, Young's chart-topping prowess continued with the release of hit singles that resonated deeply with fans. "In Case You Didn't Know," an emotional ballad revealing heartfelt vulnerability, not only captured listeners' hearts but also earned a prestigious triple platinum certification.

The song's poignant lyrics and melody propelled it to amass over 194 million views, marking Brett Young as a staple in modern country music.

Equally powerful was the single "Mercy," which dominated Vevo's Top Country chart for multiple weeks. This track showcases Young's ability to convey rich emotion through his signature vocal style.

These songs have become anthems for many, encapsulating experiences of love and heartache with a raw authenticity that few can deliver as convincingly as Brett Young does during each performance on tour.


Upcoming album "Weekends Look a Little Different These Days"

Brett Young's emotional depth and storytelling soar to new heights with his third studio album, "Weekends Look a Little Different These Days." This latest work showcases an artist at the peak of his creative powers.

Reflecting on life's changes, each track resonates with authenticity that fans have come to love from Brett. The album offers eight heartfelt songs including the chart-topping “Lady” and showcases a maturity in sound and lyricism.

Listeners will find themselves connecting with the personal narratives woven throughout "Weekends Look a Little Different These Days." Making its way into hearts and charts, this follow-up to "Ticket To L.A." paints vivid stories set against melodies that strike a perfect balance between classic country vibes and modern flare.

With musical craftsmanship clearly evident, it is no wonder anticipation mounts for its release during Brett Young’s 2024 tour.

Cementing his place in contemporary country music, Young continues to evolve as both songwriter and performer. This upcoming collection delivers powerful ballads alongside energetic up-tempo numbers.

Audiences eagerly await the chance to hear these new songs live where they're sure to complement old favorites seamlessly within his engaging performances across various venues nationwide.


Fan Reviews and Feedback

Drawing from an array of online platforms, fan testimonials highlight Brett Young's magnetic stage presence and the emotional resonance of his performances—discover what concertgoers are saying about their experiences.


Overall positive reviews

Fans are buzzing about Brett Young's recent performances and his 2024 tour looks set to continue that trend. Concert-goers can't stop talking about the energy and authenticity he brings to the stage, creating an unforgettable live music experience.

At his sold-out show at the Sandy Amphitheater, audiences were captivated by his vocal prowess and heartfelt delivery, showing just how much impact a live performance can have.

Critics join fans in their praise of Brett Young events, noting that each concert is more than just a collection of songs—it's an intimate gathering where every attendee feels connected to the music.

As he reaches venues like Nationwide Arena in Columbus and Steelhouse Omaha in Omaha, attendees are eager to hear favorites from albums such as "Weekends Look a Little Different These Days." With these positive reviews fueling excitement for upcoming dates on Brett Young's schedule, fans are rushing to grab their tickets for an opportunity not to be missed.

Next up: examining fan feedback in greater detail reveals what truly makes a Brett Young concert special.


Praise for Young's vocal talent and live performance

Continuing from the wave of positive fan feedback, Brett Young’s vocal talent stands out as particularly soulful and incredibly smooth. His voice resonates with a warmth that has become a signature sound for fans across the nation.

Concertgoers rave about his heartfelt performances, affirming that Young's genuine connection with his audience is unmistakable during live shows. This authenticity makes each Brett Young tour date an anticipated event.

Audiences have repeatedly noted how Young’s performances capture the essence of his songs in a way that recordings alone cannot match. They highlight his ability to engage listeners, turning each concert into an intimate experience where every emotion feels amplified by his vocal prowess.

As he travels from city to city on the 2024 Tour schedule, enthusiasts are eager to witness this emotive journey firsthand—a testament to why tickets for Brett Young events sell quickly and why the buzz around his live concerts continues to grow.


Some criticism for lack of energy

Brett Young's concerts are hit tunes and heartstring tugs wrapped in a night to remember. However, amidst the cheers, some fans express a wish for more vigor on stage. Voices from Santa Barbara Bowl to Sandy Amphitheater hint at performances that could benefit from an added jolt of electricity.

Critics alike have picked up on this sentiment, pointing out moments during shows where energy levels seemed subdued.

A few attendees of the Armory show even wondered aloud about the vitality of Brett’s onstage presence. This recurring note isn't overshadowing his vocal prowess or ability to connect with audiences, yet it emerges as a consistent theme across fan reviews and feedback.

While fans come away loving the melodies and lyrics of chart-toppers like "In Case You Didn't Know," many hope future Brett Young tour dates bring an elevated dynamism commensurate with his soaring ballads.

Seasoned concert-goers know that every artist brings their own style to live shows. Each performance is unique, offering different facets of an artist's talent – from intimate acoustic renditions to full-band anthems that get everyone on their feet.

As Brett Young hits various stages around the nation, those planning to catch him live anticipate not only his signature sound but also potentially more spirited displays reminiscent of his recorded energy.


Collaborations and Similar Artists

Brett Young's musical journey is often interlaced with top talents, leading to exciting collaborations that resonate deeply with fans of country music. Explore the synergy between Brett and his contemporaries, which not only showcases his versatility but also offers a glimpse into the dynamic landscape of modern country sounds.


Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt steps beyond the country genre boundaries, constantly redefining what it means to be a Nashville artist. His "Summer On The Outskirts Tour" dazzles fans with an eclectic mix of traditional twang and contemporary beats, showing off his progressive style.

With chart-topping singles like "Women In My Life," Sam brings an unforgettable energy to stages across the nation.

Joining forces with Brett Young and Lily Rose for this round of live performances adds a fresh dynamic to the concert series. Each artist delivers their unique flair, ensuring audiences experience a variety of musical excellence.

Fans rave about these collaborative shows where Sam's versatility shines alongside talented performers on tour dates that promise more than just a regular country concert.


Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett is a standout name in the country music scene with a flair for connecting with audiences through his heartfelt tunes. He has hit the road with Brett Young before, lighting up stages and sharing hits from his album "Life Changes." With talents that extend to collaborative work, Thomas Rhett's voice blends seamlessly on tracks like "Be a Light," created with stars such as Reba McEntire and Keith Urban.

His versatility shines through partnerships where he's joined forces with artists across the genre.

Collaboration seems second nature to Thomas Rhett, who has also worked closely with Chris Tomlin on moving ballads that resonate deeply with listeners. This tendency toward teamwork extends into his latest endeavors—he’s part of an exciting new release by Chris Tomlin featuring other high-profile names like Lady A and Brett Young.

Fans of these country superstars are eager for concerts where they may share the stage yet again, bringing their unique styles together for unforgettable performances.


Kane Brown

Kane Brown stands out in the country music scene with his unique approach to the genre. He's not your typical country artist, often stepping outside of traditional boundaries by collaborating with a variety of musicians from different genres.

His work includes team-ups with pop figures like Khalid and Becky G, as well as dance music producer Marshmello, showcasing his ability to blend styles and reach diverse audiences.

Brown has been pivotal in reshaping what modern country music sounds like, combining Nashville's rich heritage with elements that appeal to today’s listeners. His versatile voice and willingness to experiment have placed him at the forefront of a new wave of artists who are changing how we think about this storied American genre.

Collaborations such as those with H.E.R. have not only earned Kane Brown widespread acclaim but also helped bridge gaps between musical worlds, gaining fans across various demographics.

With each song release and collaborative project, Kane Brown continues to push the envelope. He shapes the future face of country music by drawing on an array of influences while maintaining a solid foundation in its roots - proving time and again that good tunes know no borders or genres.


Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen has shot to the forefront of country music, dazzling fans with his distinctive blend of traditional and modern sounds. His rise to stardom was propelled by his appearance on "The Voice," where he captured audiences with his unique voice.

Since then, Wallen's career has soared, marked by chart-topping hits and a fan base that spans beyond typical country circles.

Wallen teams up with artists that share his knack for storytelling and melody in their songs. Collaborations have been key to Morgan's journey; working alongside names like Hardy and Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard have produced memorable tracks that resonate deeply with listeners.

He brings an energy to Brett Young’s tour that promises unforgettable performances filled with passion, soulful lyrics, and R&B-infused country rhythms.

Despite facing setbacks due to controversy, Morgan continues to dominate the charts, proving his music speaks louder than any misstep. Joining forces with Brett Young on tour underscores both artists' commitment to delivering powerful live shows packed with hit songs that keep fans coming back for more.

As they bring their talents together onstage, this tour is shaping up as a can't-miss experience for anyone who loves heartwarming melodies backed by genuine emotion.


Cole Swindell

Transitioning from the energetic performances of Morgan Wallen, fans will find a kindred spirit in Cole Swindell's country music artistry. Known for his catchy, pop-infused country tunes that captured hearts throughout the 2010s, Swindell carves out a unique space in the genre.

He's not only made waves with his own music but also left an impressive mark as a songwriter for other artists including Craig Campbell and Thomas Rhett.

Adding to his repertoire, Swindell has joined forces with Brett Young and Danielle Bradbery on memorable songs that resonate with fans across the board. His storytelling shines through in hits like "She Had Me At Heads Carolina," showcasing his ability to blend traditional country sounds with modern twists.

Catch him at upcoming Brett Young tour dates or dive into his catalog for a taste of future classics in the making – Cole Swindell is shaping what comes next in country music while staying true to its roots.


Upcoming concerts and tours with these artists

Brett Young is set to share the stage with some of country music's biggest names. Fans can expect unforgettable performances and unique collaborations in his upcoming shows.


  • Kane Brown is joining forces with Brett during several stops on the Blessed & Free tour, including an epic night at Columbus' Nationwide Arena where fans can anticipate a blend of their chart-topping hits.
  • A special guest appearance by Sam Hunt will electrify audiences at the Steelhouse Omaha, promising a mix of sing-along ballads and high-energy country anthems that both artists are known for.
  • In sunny Maui, Hawaii, Brett will perform alongside Thomas Rhett in what’s shaping up to be an evening filled with heartfelt lyrics and smooth melodies under the stars.
  • The Neal S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu will play host to a notable performance where Morgan Wallen is expected to join Brett, combining their soulful vocals and stirring performances that resonate deeply with fans.
  • For those heading to the BREW Block in Kailua Kona, get ready for a taste of Southern charm as Cole Swindell teams up with Brett Young for a captivating show featuring their biggest hits and fan favorites.
  • Lastly, North Charleston Coliseum attendees will be treated to a surprise collaboration that's kept under wraps, sparking excitement and speculation about which artist from Hank Williams Jr.'s dynamic 2024 lineup may make an appearance.



Ticket Information and Purchasing

Securing your spot at a Brett Young concert is a breeze, with tickets readily available for fans eager to catch the live experience. Visit the Ticketmaster website to explore seating options, pricing details, and exclusive VIP experiences that will elevate your country music outing.


Ticketmaster website

Getting your hands on tickets to see Brett Young perform live is a breeze through the Ticketmaster website. This one-stop platform lays out all the need-to-know details from tour dates to seating charts, ensuring fans can find and buy their perfect spot at any of his upcoming shows.

The site even offers an array of options ranging from standard admissions to exclusive VIP packages that might include special perks like meet and greets with Brett himself.

For those eager to catch Brett Young's heartwarming melodies in person, visiting Ticketmaster’s website puts you just clicks away from securing your entry. You can view the concert schedules, check out available seats using interactive maps, and make purchases without hassle.

Fans looking forward not only to the music but also engaging content can sign up for alerts, explore photos from past meet and greets, and follow links straight to his social media pages for all the latest updates.

Exploring further beyond ticket sales, this online hub provides merchandise and additional artist information which means more than just a gateway; it's a comprehensive experience for any country music aficionado or die-hard Brett Young supporter.

Whether it's tracking down tickets for a soulful night under the stars in Hawaii or joining other fans at an electrified arena show, everything you need is at your fingertips with Ticketmaster.


Prices and availability

Brett Young fans can score tickets to his 2024 tour at various price points, making the live experience accessible for different budgets. A spot in the crowd starts as low as $78, with an average ticket cost hovering around $116.

With 10 tickets still up for grabs, securing your place at one of his unforgettable shows is just a few clicks away.

Availability is limited and these hot commodities are selling fast. You can easily purchase your Brett Young event passes online today, with options ranging from budget-friendly seats to prime spots that offer the best views of the stage.

Don’t wait too long; grab your chance to witness Brett Young's heartwarming performances live!


VIP packages and meet and greets

Get ready to experience Brett Young like never before with exclusive VIP packages and meet and greet opportunities. As a fan, you can secure more than just a seat at the concert; indulge in premium perks such as top-notch seating areas and special hospitality sections designed to elevate your event experience.

Prices for these coveted VIP tickets range from $674 to $1344, ensuring you get the star treatment that's worth every penny.

Imagine shaking hands with Brett Young himself or posing for a photo that will memorialize the moment forever. That's what awaits you with a meet and greet package – not just memories but tangible keepsakes including an official laminate and unique merchandise gifts only available to VIPs.

These packages aren't just about watching the concert; they're your backstage pass into Brett Young's world, complete with experiences like private upscale dinners or exciting tailgate parties among fellow enthusiasts.

Secure your chance for an intimate encounter with one of country music’s beloved voices on his 2024 Tour by snagging those exclusive passes today!



If you're eager to experience the heartfelt lyrics and smooth country tunes of Brett Young live, his tour offers that chance. Fans can look forward to an unforgettable night filled with songs from every corner of his musical journey.

Whether it's your first show or you're a seasoned listener, there's no better time to see Brett Young perform. Grab your tickets soon and join in on the celebration of music that resonates with so many.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness this captivating performer light up the stage!



1. When is the Brett Young 2024 Tour happening?

The schedule for the Brett Young 2024 Tour includes various event dates, so be sure to check his official website or ticket outlets for specific information.

2. How can I buy tickets for a Brett Young concert?

You can purchase Brett Young tickets through authorized ticket sellers or by visiting his website, where you'll find links and details about each tour stop.

3. What cities will Brett Young be performing in during his tour?

Brett Young's tour is set to stop in multiple cities across the country; a full list of locations and dates is available on his official site and promotional materials related to the tour.

4. Are there any special packages available for the Brett Young events?

Special VIP packages or exclusive offers may be available for certain dates on Brett Young’s schedule, which could include perks like meet-and-greets. Check with ticket providers for more details on what's offered.


Brett Young Tour Dates

Join us at one of the many stops on the "Here Tonight Tour 2024." Below is a table of all the tour dates (excluding pricing details):


Date City Venue
01/19/2024 Cabazon, CA Morongo Casino Resort and Spa
03/08/2024 Omaha, NE Steelhouse
03/09/2024 Denver, CO Fillmore Auditorium Denver


Each stop on the tour is a unique opportunity to experience the magic of Brett Young's music live. Whether in a grand casino resort or a historic auditorium, each venue promises an unforgettable evening with one of country music's most beloved artists.

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