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Blake Shelton concert

Blake Shelton concert



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Country music fans know there's nothing quite like the electrifying atmosphere of a live concert, especially one headlined by an iconic star like Blake Shelton. With numerous hits and accolades under his belt, Shelton isn't just another singer; he is a true spectacle in the world of country music, bringing heart and soul to every performance.

As someone who has experienced the magic of his concerts firsthand and seen how audiences respond to his charismatic stage presence, I can attest that a Blake Shelton concert is more than just an evening out—it's an event you'll remember for years to come.

With dates stretching through 2023 into 2024, each Shelton show promises unforgettable moments—like when he became the first country artist to top iTunes or charmed crowds alongside his talented wife Gwen Stefani.

This blog will unveil everything from securing tickets to anticipating special onstage reunions. Get ready for a deep dive into the world of Blake Shelton's performances that resonate with authenticity and excitement—because this is where memories are made!


Key Takeaways

  • Blake Shelton's "Back to the Honky Tonk" tour starts on February 22, 2024, at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
  • Special guests often appear at his concerts, with past surprises including performances by Gwen Stefani and other country artists like Dustin Lynch.
  • Fans can expect a blend of country and rock music during his high-energy shows with opportunities for crowd participation.
  • Tickets are available through Blake Shelton’s official website or Ticketmaster, with resale options provided by and following all legal transparency guidelines.
  • The "All for the Hall" benefit concert is a special event hosted by Shelton in Tulsa that supports the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.


About Blake Shelton Concerts

Blake Shelton performing on stage to a cheering crowd at a concert.

Experience the thrill of live music as Blake Shelton brings his signature country charm and rocking performances to stages across the nation. With a schedule packed with dates into 2024, fans can immerse themselves in the excitement that only a Blake Shelton concert can deliver.



Upcoming 2024 tour dates

Get ready for an electrifying live experience as Blake Shelton hits the road with his upcoming concerts. Check out the Blake Shelton concert schedule for all you need to know about his 2024 performances.


  • The Back to the Honky Tonk tour launches on February 22, 2024, at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, setting the stage for a series of unforgettable shows.
  • Detroit fans mark your calendars for February 23, because that's when Blake Shelton brings his unique blend of country and rock to your city.


Variety of venues and locations

Jumping from the announcement of Blake Shelton concert dates, fans will be thrilled to find that the "Back to the Honky Tonk" tour boasts an impressive array of venues and locations.

Concertgoers can experience the country star's dynamic performances in a selection of settings, each offering its own unique atmosphere. From indoor arenas like GIANT Center to more intimate fairgrounds in places such as Rock Island, there's a venue for every preference.

Shelton makes sure his tours reach fans far and wide by including stops at various locales such as Black Hawk College and Bend Expo Center in East Moline, allowing his music to resonate through large cities and smaller towns alike.

This strategic mix ensures not only great acoustics but also diverse crowds coming together for unforgettable nights filled with live country music.

Booking your spot at one of these versatile locations is straightforward with a complete calendar available online detailing all tour dates for 24. Fans can easily click through links provided alongside each scheduled event, ensuring they secure their Blake Shelton concert tickets without hassle.

The range offered means you're just as likely to don your finest cowboy boots at a bustling city center as you are to rock out at an open-air county fairground.


Special guests and surprises

Expect unforgettable moments at Blake Shelton's concerts, where special guests light up the stage with unexpected appearances. Imagine the roar of surprise and delight as Gwen Stefani steps out to perform a duet, creating memories for fans that last a lifetime.

With Shelton’s "Back To The Honky Tonk Tour" in 2024, concertgoers might get more than they hoped for when country artists like Dustin Lynch and Emily Ann Roberts join him for an epic night of music.

Surprises don't just happen on tour; they can occur anywhere Blake Shelton feels like playing, such as his impromptu gigs at Ole Red venues. Fans in Pittsburgh experienced this firsthand when he rocked PPG Paints Arena with surprise performances that left everyone buzzing with excitement.

These spontaneous acts are what make attending a Blake Shelton concert an adventure in itself – you never quite know who will show up or what to expect next!


What to Expect at a Blake Shelton Concert

Blake Shelton performs on grand stage with adoring fans.

Attending a Blake Shelton concert delivers an immersive experience where the charm of country meets the rush of rock, captivating fans with a show that's as unpredictable as it is electric.

From start to finish, concertgoers are swept up in an enthusiastic celebration of music that promises not only Shelton's signature hits but also moments of genuine connection with his audience.


High energy performances

Get ready to experience the infectious energy at Blake Shelton concerts in 2024. Fans know that when Blake hits the stage, it's a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish. His performances burst with enthusiasm and vigor, drawing everyone in attendance into a whirlwind of excitement.

The atmosphere crackles with electricity as he belts out fan-favorites and new hits alike.

Blake ensures every concert is an interactive spectacle. He connects with his audience through powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence, creating memorable moments for all who watch him perform live.

With his unique ability to blend high-octane entertainment with a relaxed vibe mentioned in critical reviews, Blake has mastered the art of keeping fans on their toes while providing an enjoyable experience you'll talk about for years.

Each show promises an unforgettable night where country sounds meet electric guitar riffs under dazzling lights. Be part of these extraordinary events where music comes alive and leaves you pumped up long after the final encore fades away.

Join the crowds cheering for more as Shelton showcases why he remains one of country music's most exciting performers on stage today—guaranteeing high-energy performances every time he steps into the spotlight!


Blend of country and rock music

As the stage lights blaze and Blake Shelton's powerful voice fills the air, you'll notice a unique fusion in his music. It's where the heart of country meets the soul of rock—an experience that goes beyond just lyrics and chords.

Shelton masterfully blends twangy guitar licks with driving rock rhythms, creating a sound that resonates with fans from both genres. This musical blend is a signature element of his concerts, ensuring every performance is not only energetic but also rich with diversity.

Delving into this auditory mix, concert-goers can expect to hear classic country tales infused with the edgy vibe of rock melodies. Whether it's through a foot-stomping number or an emotional ballad that showcases his vocal range, Shelton brings authenticity to every song he performs.

Fans who love their music sprinkled with southern charm and amplified by rock's boldness will find themselves at home in Blake Shelton concerts 2024.

Shelton’s ability to cross these two worlds doesn't just attract crowds; it captivates them. Each strum and each note tell stories that appeal to diverse audiences, proving why he continues to be one of the leading acts at festivals like Stagecoach Country Music Festival as well as headlining tours across various venues nationwide.

His performances invite everyone along for a journey—a testament to how seamlessly country can weave into rock's dynamic pace without losing its roots.


Crowd participation

Expect to feel the beat and sing along at a Blake Shelton concert, where crowd participation takes on a whole new level. Concert-goers don't just watch the show; they become part of it.

With every strum of his guitar, Blake turns his performances into interactive experiences, inviting fans to join in on their favorite songs. The energy is infectious as he connects with audiences, making each concert unique through shared moments that resonate beyond the night.

From the 18th green at the John Deere Classic to drive-in concerts full of buzzing tailgaters, record-breaking crowds come prepared for fun. They gather with food and coolers or find their spot with lawn chairs amidst fellow country music lovers.

Each event transforms into a communal celebration under open skies or starlit arenas. This isn't just another live gig; it's an invitation to be part of something larger – where memories are made as voices rise together in unison, echoing across venues packed with excitement and anticipation for Blake's next hit song or surprise guest appearance.


Previous Concert Reviews

Dive into the rave reviews from fans who've witnessed Blake Shelton's dynamic stage presence and discover why his concerts are hailed as unforgettable experiences.



Positive fan experiences

Fans leave Blake Shelton concerts with more than just memories of great music; they also carry the excitement and warmth from a night filled with high-energy performances. Audiences often share their stories, telling of how Blake's shows stand out as highlights in their live music experiences.


  • Many attendees rave about the unique drive - in concert, describing it as an innovative way to enjoy live music safely.
  • Concertgoers at Albany Theater have consistently reported an unforgettable time, praising Blake Shelton for his engaging stage presence.
  • Fans appreciate the surprise guest appearances, often highlighting these moments as major highlights of the concert.
  • The blend of country and rock during his shows gets fans on their feet, dancing and singing along to every song.
  • People love the sense of community at his concerts, where crowd participation makes each attendee feel like part of the show.
  • Positive reviews mention the excellent sound quality and impressive visual effects that heighten the overall concert experience.
  • Personal stories from fans often include interactions with Blake or special events within the concert that made their experience uniquely memorable.
  • Excitement buzzes around special performances, such as those with Darius Rucker at TPC Deere Run, bringing together music lovers and golf enthusiasts.


Stand-out performances

Blake Shelton's tour stops are consistently filled with memorable moments that stick with attendees long after the final song. Take, for example, his 2019 performance at the TU Center.

It marked the end of a thrilling concert series that left audiences in awe of his dynamic presence and infectious energy onstage. Concertgoers often leave feeling they've enjoyed more than just a show; they've had an experience.

Another unforgettable instance was during his Back to the Honky Tonk Tour when Shelton took fans by surprise with a deep cut from his catalog. That move delighted longtime followers and showcased his ability to connect through lesser-known tracks as well as chart-toppers.

His Spokane Arena concert saw praise pouring in not only for him but also for RaeLynn and Sundance Head, who provided stellar supporting acts.

Shelton’s knack for blending beloved hits with unexpected selections comes to life in concerts such as Tishomingo, Oklahoma's intimate performance, where he delivered "I'll Name the Dogs" alongside "Go Ahead." These shows illustrate how he masterfully balances fan-favorites with deep dives into his musical repertoire – cementing nights that many will reminisce about fondly for years to come.


Exciting guest appearances

Picture this: You're in the middle of a high-octane Blake Shelton concert, surrounded by electrifying energy and then, surprise! On stage walks Gwen Stefani or Trace Adkins. This has been a reality for some lucky fans during the special drive-in concert experience, where these artists have made unannounced appearances.

Imagine the roar of the crowd as beloved figures from music join Shelton for unforgettable performances.

These guest spots are more than just cameos; they turn up the excitement and create unique moments that make each show special. Fans might even get treated to an impromptu duet or see a live rendition of "Let it Snow" delivered with that distinctive jazzy flair that only comes when former coaches from "The Voice" share the spotlight.

With every concert offering potential surprises like these, fans know they're not just attending another live performance – they're partaking in a once-in-a-lifetime event.


How to Get Tickets

Securing your spot to witness Blake Shelton live is a straightforward process. Start by visiting official platforms and verified sellers, where you'll find a variety of options tailored to different preferences and budgets – all designed to ensure you don't miss out on the excitement.


Official websites

For the most reliable information on Blake Shelton's tour dates and exclusive content, always turn to his official website. Here, fans can dive into a world of new music, exciting videos, and up-to-the-minute updates on tour schedules.

You'll find everything from official merchandise to details about special events that offer an authentic Blake Shelton experience. Plus, if you're looking for the latest releases like "No Body" or want to grab a copy of "Body Language," the official site is your one-stop shop.

Securing tickets through Blake Shelton’s official portal gives you direct access without having to navigate third-party vendors. And don’t forget—if you’re feeling lucky, check out the sweepstake hosted on the site for a chance to win four tickets to see him live in concert! Rules are clearly laid out so everyone has a fair shot at this amazing opportunity.

Moving forward from securing your spot at the concert via trusted sources like Ticketmaster and official websites brings us next in line—the discussion of ticket resale options for when shows sell out or plans change.



Resale options

Once you’ve explored the primary ticket outlets, consider checking out verified resale options for Blake Shelton concert tickets. Platforms like and offer fans a chance to snag seats even after initial sales have finished.

Keep in mind that New York law demands transparency with fees connected to special services on ticket prices, so watch for any extra costs added at checkout.

Buying from these secondary markets can be a smart move but proceed with caution. Always ensure the legitimacy of your purchase to avoid counterfeit tickets. Remember, if you've got an extra ticket you no longer need, selling it might also require understanding certain restrictions and eligibility criteria.

Make sure you're up to speed on terms and conditions before posting your tickets for resale to keep everything smooth and legal.


Special Events and Tours

Blake Shelton's calendar is marked with unique performances, including the "All for the Hall" benefit concert, showcasing his commitment to music and philanthropy. Fans in Oklahoma can anticipate exclusive hometown shows that capture the essence of Shelton's roots and personal connection to his audience.


All for the Hall concert

The "All for the Hall" concert at Tulsa's BOK Center offers fans a unique opportunity to witness some of Oklahoma's most beloved artists on one stage. Blake Shelton spearheads this incredible event, showing his unwavering support for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Notably, this marks the first time such a gathering is set to rock Oklahoma soil, promising an epic night that's buzzing with anticipation.

Expect nothing short of spectacular as you see Ronnie Dunn join forces with other homegrown talents delivering heart-pounding performances. The concert hall will resonate with country music pride and intimate stories woven into songs, making it a night to remember.

This special show gathers momentum from its mission—to enrich the legacy of country music—and adds another layer of excitement with surprise appearances from friends in the industry who’ll share the limelight with Shelton.

Ticket holders are not just in for treasured melodies but also contribute to a noble cause. The proceeds aim at preserving history and celebrating iconic careers shaped within country walls.

Grab your tickets via Ticketmaster and be part of this momentous occasion where every chord strummed echoes down halls of fame and through hearts across Oklahoma.


Oklahoma-specific shows

Continuing the celebration of country music, Blake Shelton is set to bring a unique experience to Oklahoma fans with his Oklahoma-specific shows. Fans can look forward to an unforgettable night at the BOK Center in Tulsa, where they will be treated to a star-studded lineup of Oklahoma talent, handpicked by Shelton himself.

This event marks the first time that the "All for the Hall" benefit concert will take root in Oklahoma soil, promising a night filled with local pride and country flair.

Shelton's commitment to supporting his home state shines through as he hosts this special concert alongside a roster of fellow Oklahomans. These shows are not only about great music but also about giving back; proceeds from ticket sales support music education initiatives.

Attendees get more than just a performance—they become part of an effort that nurtures future musicians and preserves Oklahoma's rich musical heritage.

With tickets available through official websites and Ticketmaster, securing your seat for this one-of-a-kind event is straightforward. Prepare yourself for high-energy performances combined with that down-home feel only found in America's Heartland—where every chord strummed resonates with local spirit and every lyric sung feels like it’s for you.


Related Stories

7. Related Stories: Dive deeper into the world of Blake Shelton with anecdotes that go beyond the stage, exploring heartwarming reunions, landmark personal achievements, and moments that have defined his journey in music.

Reunions and special moments

Concerts often turn into unforgettable experiences when artists spring surprises on their fans, and Blake Shelton's shows are no exception. Imagine the crowd's excitement at a show finale as Gwen Stefani walks onstage for an impromptu duet; such moments become cherished memories for attendees.

These unscripted reunions not only create special highlights but also reflect the strong relationships between artists who share the stage.

These magical experiences can be just as momentous for fans witnessing their favorite musicians come together after years apart, much like when Adam Levine joined Blake on "The Voice" to deliver a crowd-pleasing performance.

Live music events hold the potential for these unique instances that resonate with audiences, making each concert distinct and deeply personal. Next up, we delve into personal achievements and milestones in Blake Shelton's career journey.

Personal achievements and milestones

Blake Shelton has marked incredible personal achievements throughout his career, setting him apart as a true icon in country music. His induction into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 2014 stands as a testament to his impact and connection to his roots.

This prestigious honor reflects not just on his musical talent but also on his contributions to the cultural fabric of his home state.

Two years prior, Blake's accomplishments took center stage when he became a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 2010. Joining this hallowed institution is one of the highest honors for any country artist, solidifying their place among legends.

These milestones are celebrated by fans at each concert, where they witness an artist at the peak of his craft sharing heartfelt tunes and stories with every strum and note.



Wrapping up, experiencing a Blake Shelton concert offers more than just music—it’s an electrifying celebration of country and rock. Fans revel in the energy as Shelton rocks the stage with hits and heartfelt ballads alike.

Each show brings its own unique flair, making every ticket a pass to an unforgettable evening. If you're looking for a night filled with high-octane performances and sing-along anthems, make sure you secure your spot at one of his upcoming concerts.

It's where memories are made under the glow of stage lights!



1. Where can I buy tickets for the Blake Shelton concert?

You can purchase tickets for the Blake Shelton concert online through official ticketing platforms or at the venue box office.

2. What time does the Blake Shelton concert start?

The start time of the Blake Shelton concert is typically listed on your ticket or you can check it on the event's official website.

3. Are there age restrictions for attending a Blake Shelton concert?

Age restrictions, if any, are usually mentioned on the event details page and vary by venue policy.

4. Can I bring a camera to capture moments during the Blake Shelton concert?

Camera policies vary by venue; check with event organizers beforehand to understand what is allowed.

5. Will merchandise be available for purchase at the Blake Shelton concert?

Merchandise is often sold at concerts, and you're likely to find an assortment of items at designated booths during a Blake Shelton show.


Blake Shelton Concert Dates

The "Back to the Honky Tonk Tour" is an expansive journey that takes Blake Shelton to numerous cities, each with its unique concert date. Below is a comprehensive table of all the events on this tour, showcasing the range of dates and cities, sans the price column, for a clear view of the tour schedule:


Date City Venue
12/31/2023 Thackerville, OK WinStar World Casino
02/22/2024 Hershey, PA Giant Center
02/23/2024 Detroit, MI Little Caesars Arena
02/24/2024 Milwaukee, WI Fiserv Forum
02/29/2024 Lafayette, LA Cajundome
03/01/2024 Austin, TX Moody Center ATX
03/02/2024 Bossier City, LA Brookshire Grocery Arena
03/07/2024 Saskatoon, SK, CA SaskTel Centre
03/08/2024 Edmonton, AB, CA Rogers Place
03/09/2024 Calgary, AB, CA Scotiabank Saddledome
03/14/2024 Spokane, WA Spokane Arena
03/15/2024 Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome
03/16/2024 Portland, OR Moda Center
03/21/2024 Fresno, CA Save Mart Center
03/22/2024 Thousand Palms, CA Acrisure Arena
03/23/2024 Glendale, AZ Desert Diamond Arena
03/27/2024 Moline, IL Vibrant Arena at The Mark
03/29/2024 Wichita, KS Intrust Bank Arena


This table gives a clear overview of where and when fans can catch Blake Shelton live in concert during his 2024 tour.

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