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Billy Strings Tour

Billy Strings Tour



Billy Strings rocking out on stage at a packed concert venue.

For music enthusiasts keen on a multi-genre experience, the Billy Strings Tour presents a kaleidoscope of acoustic and electric sounds that defy traditional genre labels. As an aficionado with deep-seated roots in bluegrass communities and concert scenes, I've witnessed firsthand how Billy Strings shakes up the string scene with his electrifying performances.

His concerts are not just gigs; they're musical explorations steeped in tradition yet daringly progressive.

This spring marks another high-energy jaunt across stages nationwide for Billy Strings and his band. With a Grammy under their belt for the album "Home," these artists are redefining live music experiences.

And as tour dates beckon fans old and new, one thing's certain – attendees will witness unmatched virtuosity. Keep reading; adventure awaits in every chord struck by this groundbreaking artist.


Key Takeaways

  • Billy Strings is touring nationwide this spring, including must - see venues like the Yuengling Center in Tampa and Rupp Arena in Lexington.
  • Fans can expect a diverse setlist with a blend of bluegrass, rock, and other genres during live performances that often feature improvisation and surprise guest appearances.
  • Official merchandise available at concerts includes exclusive apparel designs by Dawn Cooke and latest music albums such as "Renewal."
  • The band consists of talented members including banjoist Billy Failing, bassist Royal Masat, mandolin player Jarrod Walker, and fiddle player Alex Hargreaves.
  • Ticket prices start at $29.50 for lawn seats when purchased through the official website, ensuring fans can enjoy the show without breaking the bank.



About Billy Strings


Billy Strings performs at a music festival under the starry night sky.

Dive into the electrifying universe of Billy Strings, where progressive bluegrass riffs meet a modern twist on tradition, captivating audiences across the nation. Known for his virtuoso guitar skills and dynamic live shows, Billy conjures an unforgettable musical experience that’s both rooted in heritage and soaring towards uncharted territories.




The band members

Billy Strings doesn't just refer to a person, but a collective force of bluegrass expertise. Together, they create music that keeps fans coming back for more on every Billy Strings tour date.


  • Front and center is Billy Strings himself, wielding his guitar with a blend of power and poise that has won over audiences nationwide.
  • Banjo strings come to life in the hands of Billy Failing, an artist renowned enough to be featured in top banjo publications.
  • On bass, Royal Masat lays down the rhythmic foundation, syncing perfectly with each pluck and strum of his bandmates' strings.
  • Jarrod Walker adds a dynamic layer with his mandolin, masterfully contributing to their intricate sound tapestries.
  • Rounding out the ensemble is Alex Hargreaves with his fiddle, who can make his instrument sing with soul-stirring melodies.



Their music style

Building on the diverse talents of the band members, Billy Strings' music style melds different musical traditions into a vibrant and unique sound. He takes the high lonesome strains of bluegrass and infuses them with the raw energy of rock and metal.

Fans can expect to hear echoes of Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter alongside traditional bluegrass during live performances.

Their concerts often feature an eclectic mix that defies easy labeling, showcasing both genre-mixing adventures and purist string prowess. This blend has expanded what audiences anticipate from a bluegrass concert, attracting fans who appreciate wide-ranging influences in their music experiences.

The group's deep dives into varied styles result in electrifying renditions that bridge generational gaps between classic rock aficionados and contemporary jam band followers.

Every performance promises an unexpected journey through sonic landscapes peppered with strange sounds, surprising effects, but always rooted in unmistakable bluegrass artistry. With each tour date on Billy Strings' schedule, attendees witness this innovative approach to keeping traditional music fresh and relevant for today’s listeners—a testament to his commitment to both honoring heritage while pushing boundaries within the acoustic realm.


Past live recordings and performances

Billy Strings takes the rich tradition of bluegrass into uncharted territories with his electrifying music style. The band's live recordings and performances capture that relentless energy and skillful play that have won them a dedicated fan base.


  • Billy Strings’ performances often include lengthy improvisations, as showcased in the nearly 40-minute live rendition of “Meet Me at the Creek” from a 2023 concert. This recording exemplifies their ability to extend a single piece into an epic musical journey.
  • Fans treasure the collection of official live albums, which feature a mix of original songs and traditional bluegrass tunes, all infused with the band’s signature dynamic flair.
  • Concert - goers rave about Billy Strings' intense live shows where each performance feels unique, owing to setlists that change nightly and spontaneous jam sessions.
  • The band has made appearances at prominent festivals like Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits, bringing their vibrant stage presence to diverse crowds across the country.
  • Highlight videos from past tours dot social media platforms, giving new listeners a taste of what attending a Billy Strings event could be like.
  • Music critics commonly praise the group for their technical prowess on stringed instruments and their seamless blend of old-time music with psychedelic twists during concerts.
  • Audiences are regularly treated to surprise guest appearances by other artists, which adds an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to each show.



The Spring Tour Announcement


A lively outdoor music festival with diverse fans dancing under the stars.

Excitement ripples through the bluegrass community as Billy Strings unveils plans for a spring tour, promising fans an unforgettable live music journey. With cities and venues selected to capture the essence of their vibrant performances, this tour is poised to be a highlight on this year's concert calendar.




Locations and dates

Get ready to mark your calendars because the Billy Strings tour is rolling into cities nationwide this spring. Music lovers can catch the bluegrass sensation performing at these must-see venues.


  • The Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida, sets the stage for an electric opening with shows on April 12 and 13, 2024.
  • Billy Strings brings his signature string vibes to the Enmarket Arena in Savannah, Georgia, for a night of unforgettable melodies on April 17, 2024.
  • Fans in St. Augustine will have their chance to experience the magic at The St. Augustine Amphitheatre with stirring performances planned.
  • Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, hosts two nights of enthralling bluegrass tunes on April 26 and 27, 2024.
  • Other cities on the Billy Strings schedule include a blend of intimate venues and large arenas that promise a night full of energy and soulful music.
  • In total, there are 14 newly added dates to the spring tour where audiences across different states can enjoy live performances from this multi-talented artist.



Ticket information

Now that you're tuned in to where Billy Strings will electrify stages, let's talk tickets. Securing your spot at these vibrant performances is as easy as visiting the official Billy Strings website.

The spring tour excitement doesn't have to break the bank either—lawn seats kick off at a wallet-friendly $29.50 at select venues, offering fans a chance to experience the musical magic without splurging.

Purchasing directly through the band's website ensures you're getting official passes and staying up-to-date with any tour changes or updates. Whether grooving in the grass or rocking out closer to the stage, every fan can find tickets suited to their preferences and budget for an unforgettable night with a string maestro like no other.

Remember, demand for Billy Strings event dates often runs high—the earlier you secure your tickets, the better. Choose your concert, snag those seats and prepare for an epic show that promises foot-tapping rhythms under star-lit skies or within historic venue walls.


Other bands/artists performing

Having secured your Billy Strings tickets, you're in for more than just a spectacular show from the headliner. The tour is set to feature an exciting line-up of other bands and artists that promise to deliver unforgettable performances.


  • Opening Acts: Kicking off the night, you'll be greeted by a rotating roster of talented opening acts chosen to complement Billy Strings' vibrant energy and musicianship. These carefully selected musicians will set the tone for an evening of phenomenal string work and soulful melodies.
  • Guest Collaborations: Throughout the tour, expect surprise guest appearances from well-known artists who share the stage with Billy for one-of-a-kind jam sessions. These collaborations often lead to unique renditions of songs and spontaneous moments that fans talk about long after the concert ends.
  • Variety in Genres: The artists joining Billy Strings come from a diverse array of musical backgrounds, providing you with a taste of different genres such as bluegrass, folk, Americana, and even elements of jazz or blues in some performances.
  • Local Talent Spotlight: At certain venues, local bands get their moment in the spotlight, giving audiences a sample of the local music scene's best offerings. This not only gives up-and-comers a platform but also introduces fans to new music they might not have discovered otherwise.
  • Acclaimed Musicians: Alongside up-and-coming acts are established musicians who bring their own fanbases and add another layer of excitement to the shows. Their presence on stage serves as a testament to Billy Strings' respect within the artist community.
  • Engaging Performances: Be prepared for engaging sets from these supporting acts that are known for their audience interaction and high-energy delivery. Their passion matches that of Billy Strings himself, ensuring that there's never a dull moment during the event.



Merchandise Available

Discover exclusive Billy Strings merchandise that fans can't wait to get their hands on, from stylish apparel to unique music memorabilia – a perfect way to remember an unforgettable tour experience.





Step into the world of Billy Strings with their official merchandise line, featuring a unique blend of style and music culture. Fans can express their dedication with high-quality apparel such as the popular t-shirt showcasing an eye-catching goat skull encircled by red roses.

This bold design captures the essence of Billy Strings' artistic vibe and is a hit among concert-goers.

Take your pick from various clothing options including soft cotton tees perfect for everyday wear or cozy hoodies to keep you warm during chilly nights. These items aren't just comfortable; they're symbols of your support for the band, allowing you to carry a piece of their musical journey wherever you go.

Plus, these garments make fantastic mementos from live shows or thoughtful gifts for fellow enthusiasts.

After choosing your favorite Billy Strings threads, don't forget there's more than just clothes available in their merchandise collection. From exclusive music albums to other unique items, plenty awaits those looking to immerse themselves further into the band’s world.


Music albums and other items

At every stop on the Billy Strings Spring Tour, fans can get their hands on exclusive merchandise that isn't just a souvenir but a piece of musical history. The merch booth offers the latest T-shirts with stunning designs by Dawn Cooke, perfect for showing off your love for bluegrass and rock fusion.

These shirts are more than just apparel; they're wearable art that reflects the spirit of Billy Strings' performances.

For those who want to bring the magic of his music home, there are also music albums available—including the much-anticipated "Renewal." This album captures Billy's raw talent and showcases his innovation within bluegrass traditions.

You'll find yourself immersed in each track, from powerful strums to soulful melodies. Other items like posters and stickers provide an array of options for fans looking to keep a part of the tour experience with them long after the concert ends.

Spice up your collection with these tour-exclusive items before heading over to read about what previous attendees had to say in previous tour reviews.


Previous Tour Reviews

Dive into firsthand accounts from devoted listeners as you explore the vibrant tapestry of past Billy Strings' tours, painting a raw and compelling picture that beckons every music lover to join the experience.


Fan experiences

Billy Strings concerts have become legendary for their high energy and the sense of community they foster. Fans regularly share stories of the unforgettable experiences they've had at his shows.


  • Attendees often speak about the Billy Strings live experience as transformative, saying it's like being on a journey that transcends the ordinary concert atmosphere.
  • Many fans feel a deep connection during performances, comparing the vibe to tripping without acid, highlighting how the music alters their perception.
  • Concertgoers from different parts of the world come together for his shows, notably with American fans traveling to Europe to join local enthusiasts in a cultural exchange during the 2023 tour.
  • Even those who aren't hardcore bluegrass listeners find themselves drawn into the fold at Billy Strings' concerts, coming away with a newfound appreciation for the genre.
  • The shared experiences at these events go beyond just watching a show; they often include impromptu jam sessions and meetups among fans who become fast friends through their mutual admiration for Billy Strings.
  • Recollections from past concerts are filled with talk of mesmerizing guitar solos and foot - stomping rhythms that stay with attendees long after the night is over.
  • Stories of personal moments between Billy and his fans surface frequently, whether it's an interaction during a show or kindness shown outside of concert venues—adding to his appeal as both an artist and a person.



Highlights from past performances

Building on the enthusiastic testimonials from fans, the live shows of Billy Strings have consistently elevated bluegrass music to new heights. Concertgoers at Manchester's packed venue witnessed an electrifying rendition of “Dust in a Baggie,” highlighting the group’s exceptional talent.

Their command over their instruments and passion for performance resonated through every pluck and strum, setting the bar for what high-energy bluegrass should feel like.

In 2019, The Beachland Ballroom hosted one such unforgettable night where a sold-out audience was swept up in a vibrant bluegrass odyssey. Each song carried with it the spirit of innovation and deep reverence for tradition, creating an atmosphere that had everyone on their feet swaying to complex rhythms and melodic intricacies.

During another memorable show, attendees were captivated by an astonishing collection of cover songs including three Jerry Garcia classics infused with Billy Strings' unique flair.

This unexpected setlist choice provided audiences with both familiarity and fresh twists, demonstrating once again why each performance by this band is more than just a concert—it's an experience that pushes musical boundaries while deeply honoring its roots.


Upcoming Concerts

Delve into the excitement of Billy Strings' upcoming concerts, where energetic performances fuse with the raw talent of bluegrass renewed—keep an eye on our tour schedule and join the rhythmic revelry that awaits.


Tour dates and locations

Get ready for an unforgettable journey as Billy Strings hits the road this spring, bringing his electrifying performance to a stage near you. Mark your calendars and join fans for a series of concerts set to resonate through cities across the country and beyond.


  • Kicking off the tour, Strings strums into action at the UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA, with back-to-back shows on December 30 and 31, 2023. These year-end extravaganzas promise an energy-filled countdown into the new year.
  • Nashville's iconic Ryman Auditorium opens its doors for a special night with Billy Strings on February 25, 2024. This treasured venue will host an evening where bluegrass meets history in magical musical harmony.
  • A highlight of the tour is slated for David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center in sophisticated New York City on February 1, 2025. Here, Strings will showcase his prowess amid one of the city’s most refined cultural landmarks.
  • Fans across the pond can experience Strings during his Europe tour leg; London calls first in November 2023, followed by captivating performances in Manchester and Glasgow. Each UK show offers a unique blend of local flavor and Strings' signature sound.
  • The collaboration everyone is talking about takes shape as Billy Strings joins forces with Chris Thile for the 65th Street Session scheduled for February 1, 2024. Expect an unparalleled display of string mastery that will leave audiences spellbound.



Reviews from previous concerts

Billy Strings' previous concerts have captured the hearts of fans and critics alike. The shows are not just musical events, but journeys through vibrant bluegrass landscapes.


  • Fans at CFG Bank Arena gave Billy Strings a 4.5-star rating, applauding the high-energy performance that left them wanting more.
  • The "Streaming Strings" tour carved its name into the memories of attendees for its innovative approach to live streaming and interaction.
  • With over 61 concert reviews in, audiences consistently rate Billy Strings as an exceptional live performer who brings a fresh energy to each show.
  • The December 3, 2021 concert was labeled "great" by those who were there, celebrating both the crowd's enthusiasm and the tribute to Doc Watson's songs.
  • In March 2021, fans were thrilled at Long's performance which received glowing remarks in a live music review highlighting the band's skill and stage presence.
  • A sold-out show on November 25, 2019, at Beachland Ballroom saw Billy Strings taking fans on a mind-bending journey with his bluegrass tunes.



Billy Strings on Tour: What to Expect

Dive into the electrifying atmosphere of Billy Strings' performances and unearth what sets these concerts apart, from eclectic setlists to surprise appearances, ensuring an unforgettable live music journey you won't want to miss.



Billy Strings' concerts are known for their thrilling setlists that vary with each venue. Fans eagerly anticipate the unique blend of songs that will fill the evening.


  • Expect a mix of genres, as the band effortlessly transitions from bluegrass to country, rock, and beyond.
  • The setlist for the show at Mohegan Sun Arena featured fan favorites and showcased Billy's virtuoso guitar skills.
  • At Golden 1 Center, attendees experienced a different lineup of tunes, highlighting the group's dynamic range and improvisational talent.
  • Each concert presents an opportunity to hear rare tracks and live renditions that differ from studio recordings.
  • For those looking forward to the Fall Tour 2023, the Van Andel Arena performance will include a special selection of numbers that have been meticulously chosen for this event.
  • Surprises often await fans with impromptu jams and unexpected covers becoming part of the night’s magic.
  • Collaborations with guest musicians add a layer of excitement, so keep an eye out for special appearances on stage.
  • Audiences can relive past concerts through live albums that capture the energy and spirit of Billy Strings’ performances.



Special guests

As Billy Strings dazzles fans with a dynamic setlist, the excitement amplifies with the announcement of special guests gracing the stage during his Renewal 2023 tour. Enthusiasts can anticipate memorable collaborations as East Nash GrassShadowGrassVince & Drew from Leftover Salmon, and Della Mae join in to add their unique talents to the mix.

These appearances promise an eclectic blend of strings and songs that will elevate each concert into an unforgettable live music experience.

Concertgoers are in for a treat as these guest artists bring their own flavors to Billy's high-energy shows. Expect fiddles, banjos, and guitars to come alive in new ways when these performers share the spotlight.

The inclusion of revered musicians like those from Della Mae and seasoned pickers Vince & Drew enriches the auditory tapestry of every performance. Get ready for a night where bluegrass roots intertwine seamlessly with contemporary twists thanks to these exceptionally talented guests who will take part in creating one-of-a-kind moments on this tour.


Unique aspects of their performances

After the excitement surrounding special guests, Billy Strings concerts elevate the live music scene with their unique performance qualities. These shows strike a remarkable balance between structured musical genius and spontaneous improvisation.

The band thrives on playing off each other’s energy, ensuring that no two shows are exactly alike. Fans can feel the synergy as each member contributes to an ever-evolving soundscape.

Billy Strings respects tradition yet pushes boundaries, weaving in covers from rock legends like The Beatles to honor local flavor while keeping fans guessing what's next. Their high-octane shows feature a jaw-dropping forty songs or more, maintaining relentless momentum throughout for an unforgettable experience.

This is bluegrass at its most dynamic – where passion meets precision in every pluck of the string and strum of the guitar.


How to Purchase Tickets

Securing your spot to witness the musical mastery of Billy Strings live is a straightforward process. Explore trusted platforms such as Ticketmaster or visit the official band website for direct purchases, while also considering reputable resale options for sold-out shows.



Ready to secure your spot at a Billy Strings concert? Ticketmaster is your go-to destination for all things related to these must-see live performances. From the full tour schedule and specific concert details, to vivid fan reviews and snapshots of past shows, you can find it all on their official site.

Ensuring fans have access to legitimate tickets, Ticketmaster stands as the primary seller for events at big venues such as State Farm Arena and Ryman Auditorium.

Purchasing tickets through Ticketmaster means you get reliable service and timely updates about your upcoming concert experiences. You'll navigate through an easy buying process that includes seating choices so that you can pick just the right spot to enjoy Billy Strings' thrilling stage presence.

Remember that this site often offers detailed venue maps, making it simple to visualize where you'll be when the music starts playing. Once your ticket purchase is complete, gear up for an electrifying night with Billy's strings by checking out what exclusive band merchandise could accompany you there!


Official band website

Get your tickets straight from the source at Billy Strings' official band website. It's your go-to spot for all things related to their electrifying live performances, with early access to show info and announcements about upcoming projects.

Here you can lock in dates, find out who will be taking the stage as support acts, and scoop up tickets for 2023 tours or even get ahead of the game with details on 2024-25 shows. Secure your spot at an unforgettable concert experience by purchasing directly through the band's own platform.

The official site is not just ticket central; it’s a comprehensive hub for any Billy Strings fan eager to stay updated. You'll have all the venue details at your fingertips and never miss out on crucial information like showtimes or opening acts.

From finding seats for this year's tour dates to planning ahead with next season's schedule, everything you need is meticulously organized and readily available for fans seeking authentic experiences with one of bluegrass music’s hottest names.


Resale options

If you missed out on initial ticket sales, explore resale options. On platforms like, fans can buy and sell tickets at face value. This social network is dedicated to helping music lovers avoid scalping by fostering a community of fair trade practices.

Keep in mind that finding Billy Strings tickets through resales might mean paying above the original price due to demand. Certain events may offer resale tickets with prices determined by individual resellers, which often reflect the high interest in this phenomenal live act.

After securing your spot, gear up for an incredible experience with merchandise available from previous and current tours.



Get ready to immerse yourself in the electrifying bluegrass revolution with Billy Strings on his latest tour. Experience live, the genre-defying performances and witness firsthand why he took home a Grammy.

Each concert promises an unforgettable night filled with mesmerizing music that transcends traditional boundaries. Secure your tickets now and join fellow fans for what's sure to be highlights of the musical year!



1. Where can I find the schedule for Billy Strings' tour?

Check Billy Strings' official website or social media pages for the latest tour schedule and updates.

2. How do I buy tickets for a Billy Strings concert?

Purchase tickets through authorized ticket sellers linked on his official site, or at venue box offices where he is performing.

3. Will there be merchandise sold at Billy Strings concerts?

Yes, there is typically a range of merchandise available for sale at each Billy Strings concert.

4. What type of music does Billy Strings play during his concerts?

Billy Strings performs a mix of bluegrass, country, and Americana music at his live shows.

5. Can I meet Billy Strings at one of his tour events?

Some tours offer VIP packages that may include meet-and-greet opportunities; check the specific event details for availability.


Billy Strings Tour Dates

Here's a comprehensive table of all the upcoming tour dates:


Date City Venue
12/06/2023 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum Complex
12/08/2023 Baltimore, MD CFG Bank Arena
12/09/2023 Baltimore, MD CFG Bank Arena
12/12/2023 Pittsburgh, PA Petersen Events Center
12/13/2023 Pittsburgh, PA Petersen Events Center
12/15/2023 Wilkes-Barre, PA Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza
12/16/2023 Syracuse, NY Upstate Medical University Arena at Oncenter
12/29/2023 New Orleans, LA UNO Lakefront Arena
12/30/2023 New Orleans, LA UNO Lakefront Arena
12/31/2023 New Orleans, LA UNO Lakefront Arena
02/01/2024 New York, NY David Geffen Hall
02/16/2024 Asheville, NC Harrahs Cherokee Center Asheville
02/17/2024 Asheville, NC Harrahs Cherokee Center Asheville
02/18/2024 Asheville, NC Harrahs Cherokee Center Asheville
02/23/2024 Nashville, TN Bridgestone Arena
02/24/2024 Nashville, TN Bridgestone Arena
03/01/2024 Atlanta, GA State Farm Arena
03/02/2024 Atlanta, GA State Farm Arena
05/10/2024 Conroe, TX Montgomery County Fairgrounds - Texas
06/22/2024 Columbus, OH Ohio Stadium
06/23/2024 Columbus, OH Ohio Stadium


Join us in experiencing the phenomenal talent of Billy Strings across these fantastic locations!

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